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Rambler's Top100



ark dyslexic better? (ciev retards) p.c ne sudat iisusa sosci ravny mozgam (a ty glagolu) frontal lobe attacker lucky doma? voo doo 'uz i ne dumay o gorelce' (on dumaet o tebe uze huze) so vsemi gogolami i bardami spravlaysa (berdaevym ne spravitsa) dvernoy cabac i said tak a i velu (takie vot koncerty) nezrimo povliala moej spermoj (not serious that piss) nado dumat' o tom chto poes i kakie tabletki prinimala galina nado bylo belye zuby (not to describe the frontal experience (exact) of college animals and beetle bees) zivo podoydi c nemu dima cetvertogo sansa ne dayu

cac na cetvertom paltse vygladet kolco

a na nem seveluru popravlau
i ot urscogo ctoto vo mne est?
govorat ot semenyca bugau
cac necasto i vystradana lest

no tam smeloe toze podoydi ze
oden liphcic rascvityvaetsa
+ romans sevelurcic ne motivcic
propadu a ot tret'ego yayca

ey velitsa il cto to rasscazali?
ey sopher ili budem vcetverom?
esli b polnocaliberno v vuali
no na gotham avilsa ippodrom

i razbili mne serdtse ot cecetci
hudsiy v mire stsenariy gonga lee
natali ehto sdelala necetco
ne semenovu mne, ne natali

motivy uze vspomnil ne proslusav (teper podojdi k nemu lida)

cto o tebe tut uze rasskazyvaut (belye buxi) vse dobrye i neuravnovesannye

Time after Time, Jump Ended (Tatmadaw Kyi action, Not Too Much Krill)
(Mihail Scherbakov)

Piza tower is falling... I don't know how many legs;
I'll be losing footing, and be the Marnie...
Reasons for malfeasance is worthier of kegs
Naked and funny trying Augustine sex...

Party entertainer to table round I'm not,
Find another dancer with kemosabe,
Gothic integration -- hey -- don't achieve so hot...
What is lost is Ausgabe for the despot!

Line up, indigenes -- honor from rank to rank...
Questionaires and tabs are nothing to fan at;
Use with pleasuremaking -- hey -- intimately flank,
Diastolic with systolic diaphanate!

I'll be gone with helter-skelter without a will...
Eldorado-scaling without a tow-line...
Signature requirement, when you research the braille
Waived will be without a perdure... Verdantly pain!

Phaeton has fled by, Kyle Mcdonald is on
And there is a reason: he fried a phazant
Bird with seven azures, virtues of a paisan --
Let us institute some measures for the paian. yunaa 4 "A NA OKNE... STAL'NYE PRUT'A..." (P. BACHCHISARAA...) Vsyu zhizn' "VERTELAS' NA PUPE"... (a yavlyat'sya... eto vrat')..? (wishing for "MORDOBOY S ZALEZHAMI...")

DON'T MISS ZEYNEP... (to save the brother)... VESTIBULE... blood kinship...
(Mikhail Scherbakov)

The shore was all but beige: not vainly, age to age
Was it pueriled and whitened by Alpian waters' rage!
On how the shore is white, the hill garden looked right;
In garden was the house and the hearth was burning blithe.
Thereinit was the house and the fireplace furnaced bright.

The doorshed queaked and scaped; the garden roared as cape
Whereby the set was leaking, from heights -- from skies agape.
Upon the hill, a dark, and where the dark was stark
With hands serene and coldened you beckoned me afar... C-

repuscularly breezed and lofty was the East,
Again the tide was tidy and singing was the creased
Sand, waiting for the blooms, as openeyed stalk looms
And France was brillianting... from over the lake loos!

But groans of flying herds and waves' sighs, where it hurts,
Were noisying as if they were saying: Nature morts...
And the bank, white as chalk, was telling me I stalk
And the police is called for on luces and on calk...

I had to wake the hell and get out in a shell...
That moves upon the water and wishes new life well;
The zenith lingered fresh and I, not being called trash,
Saw shore and bank, dealt azure, where I'm for got mid mesh

And meth is smoked, and organs commit me to the trash
But the bank roars as flesh...

(I PREDICTED this) (...) AND the rest THE TRANSLATION was MADE LAST April (...)


Был берег бел как снег. Не зря из века в век
белил его и чистил альпийских вод разбег.
На то, как берег бел, со склона сад смотрел.
В саду был дом, а в доме, дымясь, камин горел.

Дверной скрипел навес. И сад шумел, как лес,
пока закат струился - с вершин, с высот, с небес.
По склону мгла текла. И ты туда, где мгла,
холодными руками с собой меня влекла.

Потом опять высок и ясен был восток.
Опять прилив был звонок, опять певуч песок.
И все цветы земли, глаза раскрыв, цвели.
И Франция сияла за озером вдали.

Но стоны птичьих стай и вздохи волн меж свай
звучали так, как будто внушали мне: «Прощай!»
И берег, бел как мел, «прощай, прощай!» мне пел.
И ветер выл о том же, и тёмный сад шумел.

...Пришлось очнуться мне и прочь отплыть в челне.
Я плыл и жизнь другую задумывал вчерне.
Свежо дышал зенит. И дочиста отмыт
был берег тот, где ныне я начисто забыт.

И где огонь в камине моргает и дымит.
И сад шумит, шумит.

VSE eto MOZET SDELAT' Vita (PTITSA Calibri) (...)

nado bylo animal farms citat ( 'sofersu slusat') a tselebnye zvuci narcolepsii (ehto tebe tolco vygoda za bort) vahter i bileter misu lecit vygodno vot cto (a ne morgat s vysoty alpov) v obsem brigantina podymaet parusa WWW.amdm.ru/akkordi/splin/10195/na_bratskih_mogilah

прочтений: 3
раздел: юмористическая поэзия
дата публикации: Oct 9, 2019

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