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Rambler's Top100



pierce (onePOP NATIONAL CONDEMNATION (...) 'MNOGO nostalgiceskogo )' ('vzlet\to-posadka) ' mnogoe uze sdelali i ostanovitsa pro ignorirovali (10 let na zad) serbakov odin razobralsatheft? where and how? privlec' timakovskogo o posade (?...) tak mozgi vpravis (?...) ('nos iskrivil on sam) ' (placet poLITOVSKI) smeznoe mnenie tolko o posade (...!) o cem smealas (;) (HOWs SPERMA) (...?) fabricate in AMERICA (...?) no poors or gita (vita) THAT'S ALL SHE DID -- MORONS FORWARD

a v golf ese igrala (?...) i recommend suicide

sagi, kotorye oposle pizzy i
vasblagorodia (kak by ona deystvovala na korride) nasekomoe sem'e ni dat
kroveulitua moi patritsii
kogda resali etu blagodat

(srocno v ney bombu nayti) za-scet smerti mihlina 1 soccer match will resolve (and washington... eugene steinberg where ants are from (& sutures)) how i ate before gala departed ('on nicego mne ne sdelal') checking with cynthia nixon when mama gave money confuse and razubedit' sposobna kaverza, ne sdelav marocno
i ni podarocno ni razu v zizn'
kak puskin pises' ty? vkroviudarocno
primi vse podtverzdenia kulis (horosie dumy 'OBLILSA) ' second attempt on godfather horosee delo li perevody (...)

(theres no body else clevety niggers hatred robkost' nizkost (E.g ribbed underwear) i na gvozde ves staff, kotoryy drobilsa
i srala vseh na nih (igor gryzlov
ved scherbakova) svin'e slivy prozvise?
zabota buick'a sireni slov

a buick belyj byl, kak ehskadrilia
kak inezilia v stihe two eight
a ehlectricka lubit mena v stile ya
cegoto sdelal (a kak rebenka nado lubit') (?...) goof idi na haight (zvezdnaa bolezn) (...?)

(slander i couldnt have done all the work) MY lifeS work

posle requiema sexy rekindlings (ALL same JESUS Olson Ashley ) BEND SOME RULES IN RAUCOUS (WE NEED THEM) SINFUL M.R.I. FOR SECOND-COUSIN YULYA... "NO RE-KINDLINGS..." favorite positions (Gala) (?...) ('ya i est phasist) ' POZVAT gorodovogo na klienta (confetka vo rtu )

(M. Scherbakov)

Actually, I'll be helping myself forto:
For the inclement weather -- I will store tobacco --
Black days will find consoling -- head will distract with goo:

Many there, will you wait, joyfulnesses if thief?
For the inclement weather, cognac is all I leaf!
There will be at the very least where to drown my grief...

Memory can rup short, in a flash be forsook,
But to collect extensive diary, I need nook;
Enough introes and infos for a hundred-first book!

Cognac will drizzle out, tobacco'll fall apart.
But diastolic pressure teeth will knock out of scars...
There should be, at the very least, means to fire a hearth!

You'll have your lesson learned, my unknown friend I've found --
Outline all you have seen, and add it to the caisson; d-
Raw the recalcitration of all that's by and round.

Thought from the Capitol falls the last Apostol
Write down all you remember, including rigmarole
Or were you vainly learning grammar and epistle?

(A LITTLE DEBACOL... *IH* "O DEREVNE, O NEVESTE..." I NET IGUANY NA DEREVE...) GDE ONI EST', TSENYAT EGO PREZHNEGO -- AND YOU'RE READY TO GO ka by koni v drivewaye gong li s mamy mense zdat (rusit' rhombus sleuth Melissa )


То-то сегодня впрок я себе помогу:
приберегу к ненастью я себе табаку.
В чёрные дни утешусь, голову отвлеку.

Многих ли ждать ещё радостей на веку?
Приберегу к ненастью я себе коньяку.
Будет по меньшей мере в чём утопить тоску.

Память имеет срок — может угаснуть вмиг,
но сохраню обширный с юности я дневник.
Сведений в нём и сводок хватит на сотню книг.

Высыплется табак, выплеснется коньяк,
а у меня к ненастью целый сундук бумаг.
Будет, по меньшей мере, чем растопить очаг.

Это тебе урок, мой незнакомый друг:
всё изложи, что видел, и уложи в сундук.
Сделай обзор всего, что около и вокруг.

Хоть и пропасть ему в пламени и дыму,
всё запиши, что помнишь, наперекор всему.
Или ты зря учился грамоте и письму?

Unreminiscently... YOU'VE EARNED YOUR ARTHRITIS! Cartoon of the Photo?
(M. Scherbakov)

Upon the levee but a crowd -- both castigates -- intreps -- and beckons,
From far off islands the ship came, it was awaited by all wharf...
Every incominant breaks clears, and every gaze is looking wretched;
The salut thrives, the levee breaks but that is only for the dwarf...

The fortune's flora dazzles them and intrepids them the regalia;
They're ready with a decent tale, a fragrant story for the rogue:
How they could not spare a tongue whale and sacrosaunctly honor guarded;
And greeted all, abated all, and dedicated rest to bogs!

You know I won't, be heading to an access weight extermination;
For the whole nation I will run to see the grandeur in its tithe:
How long's it possible to stare and watch you drooling, to ovation?
And carry on... for the whole night with only you, repeating blithe?

We're tears away and steps away, from the intense interrogation
Of waves and breakers, and the billows overtaking bayonets --
And you are laughing at my heart and eating cherries out of ration
Small as the university, and big as pigeons' parapet...

And so each year insteps a year, around us, jelly of perception
And century on century, stands like a whale and greets the small;
While you are intricately grieved, you eat the cherry pop and wait there
As the cat purrs and dogs are clean and evil students get it all!

The bent of heaven bodied arm is ever one and always changing
And on the spoon vessel a pit starks rapid, not hitting the mouth;
Not blood, not tears, and not the wine... the cherry juice attaining habits
But I can't walk away from you not this year, that -- not North, or South!..

(LANDED IN Princeton) po mne Ceboksarova gadaet (vecno menaa santazi) hwat CTO tebe pozvolat pod THORAZINE? ("EGO NELZA ( : ) U NEGO EST ZAPAX" (;)APPEARED TO "HAVE FUN" WITH "M

ARIA"... ("EAT muff")

(Volodya VYSOTSKY)

'Fore the viser of a statesman,
A russula -- Russell's head-spin:
Bestest husband by the throng...
Let me join the delegation --
Made me loin interrogation,
Into why we go along...

But, departed having with a
Tusk of wax; and foreign visa,
We turn back and lick our shank --
Which in Russian reads like "sturgeon" --
(The new talent un-emerging),
Well-a-day... and tank...

(UNDERSIDE thoughts: "U'r NOT as U look")! KNOWING "he has the right" (TO WHATEVER HE'S DOING)(...) (with THE most radical THOUGHTS)(...) by any filmnoir, HE would'VE cut ME OPEN(!)

(MANEKENY) Mama having gone off railings --
A strange personage -- prevailing
Over our minutal jives
Quoted personal "Radischev",
But in fact, meant "Percy Bysshe" --
Which, in fact, breaks fives!

"POULPE" -- that's vanguishing by Koran;
When her mood set is Van Doren;
(Alexander-less TECHNIQUE);
Not like orchestral Van Buren
(ANY Mikhlinian ORCHESTRA)(!) Benfranklinian... and during
Listenings on peaks...

I looked forward -- not a psycho;
Not of homo-ero cycle,
Wearing a naturlich koif;
And besides, fromage-promiscuous
Universal port; ubiquitous...
Dealing w. "ENOUGH"...

Long... up-holstering a tirade...
Ah'ed... and loaded gun... and tear-wiped
Like my aunt Rose -- he meant well --
As if we had practiced Roosevelt;
And then 1 of us must lose welt...
"Look; that's MARI-EL"!

"Literal" means shot and jus'ted
As in an Australian ROOSEVELT --
AS INVALID invalid;
WITH EACH TIME, by-curring Trokl...
AND incurring wrath of focal;
WE're OUTSIDE OUR gryd...

Of his own AGAINST berated;
COMRADE; sprinter... TENNESSEE...
Living MORALLY...

CASSACK taste, INCLINED TO seeding --
(In tanktops inclined to steal)...

"Looking FINE -- textile NEXT morning,
HIS characterizing SPEECH...
And u try thereafter roaming
With a VIRGIN quite WELCOMING...
"HERE -- taste BOYS OF BEACH!"

FORMER MISTAKE: "Re-instate" (I.E., Rochester) (!...) (THE REST IS a CAREER of a "PERSONAL trainer") (...) FORE-WARNING: the DISSMISSAL IS some GALLbladder GOING down (...)

* * *
Перед выездом в загранку
Заполняешь кучу бланков -
Это еще не беда,-
Но в составе делегаций
С вами едет личность в штатском -

А за месяц до вояжа
Инструктаж проходишь даже -
Как там проводить все дни:
Чтоб поменьше безобразий,
А потусторонних связей
Чтобы - ни-ни-ни!

...Личность в штатском - парень рыжий -
Мне представился в Париже:
"Будем с вами жить, я - Никодим.
Вел нагрузки, жил в Бобруйске,
Папа - русский, сам я - русский,
Даже не судим".

Исполнительный на редкость,
Соблюдал свою секретность
И во всем старался мне помочь:
Он теперь по роду службы
Дорожил моею дружбой
Просто день и ночь.

На экскурсию по Риму
Я решил без Никодиму:
Он всю ночь писал и вот уснул,-
Но личность в штатском, оказалось,
Раньше боксом увлекалась -
Так что не рискнул.

Со мной он завтракал, обедал,
Он везде - за мною следом,-
Будто у него нет дел.
Я однажды для порядку
Заглянул в его тетрадку -

Он писал - такая стерва! -
Что в Париже я на мэра
С кулаками нападал,
Что я к женщинам несдержан
И влияниям подвержен
Будто Запада...

Значит, личность может даже
Заподозрить в шпионаже!..
Вы прикиньте - что тогда?
Это значит - не увижу
Я ни Риму, ни Парижу
Больше никогда!.. )

"just the beard" (HENCE, ethics) SKUNK depravity "Vysotskiy (...) licnost' nikakaa (V AMERIC'u) (!)" ot cego VY VSE posedeli (...!)

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раздел: стихи для детей
дата публикации: May 5, 2019

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