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Rambler's Top100



as' NAD TOBOJ) (!!!!) (KRUGOM 500 (...) a oblakom !) nikogda ne davayte emu raboty

BAD CUNNILINGUS blame TOMATO (pronounce TOMA°to) (AS a back-UP) "dromedary (...) " (THE milk is SPOIL'ED) how many needles we didn't take (away) with(out) us (& did not ) NEED (tight KNIT sweater) (M. SCHERBAKOV)

San cubism (Lubashevsky Lubashev) my smell and Ravel coming out of each Mitchell
That including the stephe
The dispatcher was putting on MITCHUM The bus hires went for Irene

Hows Rabyna Izaura seconds or firsts? To them all indifferAble 'no' OR HOLOCAUSTS?
Restoration of nose or Domme Koln Riddiard Kipling cares derth is accursed...

If the silence the rest, why umbrellas all stinking are we in the SOUTH of GERMANIA?
And so many r scared of the belly
(it is graphomania)
but the trouble is Dante

but the trouble is glue that you stole from the store
but the trouble is gluck philladelphya needs more
(But the trouble is) how u spell Voight and dont jerk in the shvedova(-whore)

Only Watson responds w. the 17 is it the springs or the years (in Caretny)
Ryder ruined career (and what the heck me thinks Larisa Gershon of... is my capuchone full of smell of 'moshonok'

in the nude beach with Nusha or with Rashomon?)
in the village, my khrusa tells psy to move on
And the warts cunnilinging Tarusa of Wapshot the chronicle worse

she cant wait to sea Krym or the lard in Dumas I just gravity-knew it, (by bream she loved me) (...) shed love it
In odessa the haven and we armed with a gun are above it...

So lets move past backgammon, where Scherbakov stays
He is not an x-patriot, he knows some Maes
He amazes with birds dropping corners "replay touch of evil"
he will throw from tim horten u, pig, and Cheboks
he will tell u his horns from Unesco does sucks...
he will take 2 of u and deposit all caviar by 'POLEAX'...

(SUPPOSE (...) were back 2 'trapezium)'

boise aroma and ivy return the tooth brush and the russian is spoke not in bathrooms
and my heart is embarassing arzrum... where the needles were vapid
(cant prevent that on discoteque sinew and fraud
whiskers fall on the thighbones even brodsky is broad
)and the first unSovietian bard will up'take the bison (and choose board

over room a forgiver from eastwood mistakes (we know by which work of PUSHKIN) (...) (mentioning 'musc') DAMAGED (disc)s a ride to Damascus the movies and breaks it
cheboksarova wrecks
all his heart and remakes it
(...) by remixes in lauderdale, in bollywood
everywhere where carnegie dale reads very good
but its not central park bare nacism's anti-semitism hires the protrude...

IS that A hire (...?)

he played negoda in the entire translation

OB''ASNAU (...) ey meresilos'KAZALOS' (bosoy) !!!! (bolse ne boley (...) PLZTA

Песнь о Неведенье

На тринадцатый день календарь стушевался, и время повисло отвесно.
Жили в нём и не ведали мы ни о том, сколько нам до отъезда,
ни о том, доживём ли.

И когда от неведенья мне и тебе
почему-либо делалось не по себе,
до заката пустую покинув гостиницу, шли мы в деревню.
Словно снеди и вправду хотели простой,
что осталась ещё от недели Страстной,
то есть местной еды, впрочем, столь же безрадостной, сколь и густой.

И природа цвела, и на пасеке ульи гудели, как струны в рояли.
А в воде, вдоль которой мы шли, неподвижные рыбы стояли,
шевеля только ртами.

Но иною казалась еда, чем ждалась,
и над заводью заросль кололась и жглась.
И не пресной от берега веяло мелью, но далью и солью.
Намечалось начало всего, что затем,
и душа совпадала с немыслимо чем,
и мерещилось ей, будто небо рыдало над этим над всем.

Ничего-то оно не рыдало, скорей хохотало оно и глумилось.
Да не вслух, не для нас - высоко, а неведенье сладко дымилось,
как река, то есть рядом.

И случись нам скатиться в неведенье то,
чтобы там воплотиться немыслимо в что,
ничего-то с собою не взяли мы, кроме бы этих каникул,
чей напев был неладен и голос хоть брось,
где не всё то цвело, что кололось и жглось,
где ничто не умело как следует сбыться, и вот не сбылось.

Где и выжили мы бы едва ли, но где
неподвижные рыбы стояли в воде,
как во сне, обнимающем вечность, но длящемся меньше секунды,
где душа лишь себя не боялась одной
и надменное небо смеялось над мной,
но грозой не лилось и глазам не являлось, плыло стороной.

(raznica mezdu otnoseniami i net zdes' opredelena) raznica ZVUK (...?)

(Unawareness song

In a fortnight the calendar has been receded, and afterwards time dangled endways.
We lived there unaware of neither the lasting we have till the end days,
nor if we gonna make it.

And when the unawareness made us unstrung
you and I were out while the day was still young,
absentmindedly from an untenanted guesthouse went to a village.
Like we really were a foodstuff to seek,
that remained there probably since Holy Week,
that is local provisions which are unavoidably mirthless and thick.

In the blossoming nature the hives of bee-garden like strings in a piano were chanting.
And we went alongside of a water where motionless fishes were standing
moving only their mouths.

But the foodstuff was vary from what one would think,
and the backwater's thicket was all spike and sting.
And the coast had a scent not of freshwater shallow, but distant and salty.
The beginning of hereafter was to ascent,
while the soul was aligning with something undreamt,
and the soul would imagine that sky was in sobbing and weeping sky went.

Not at all it was weeping and sobbing, it was rather laughing, deriding and mocking.
Not for us, but in silence. And the unawareness was sweetly smoking,
nearby, as a river.

And had slided we to unawareness that,
so undreamt-of embodiment would us begat,
we would not take with us any thing but apart from this only vacation,
with fallacious tune and tumultuous scrape,
with a spike and a sting on a flowerless scape,
where nothing could ever take shape and apparently never took shape.

Where we would pull through scarcely likely, but where
in a water the motionless fishes stood bare,
like a dream, that embraces an eon, but lasts even less than a second,
where all but itself would the soul terrify,
and a mockery was in the fastuous sky,
that was neither tempestuous nor revelating, but just floating by.) WWW.burrru.livejournal.com perevodchik "DOCLADYVAT' v tsentre ' (zvuki MENDELSSOHN'a)

mectal zhen>\

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раздел: стихи к праздникам
дата публикации: May 1, 2019

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