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Rambler's Top100



Two Mammoths... Chihuahua Too...
(Mikhail Scherbakov)

Insofar as no thing has happened to us duly
Unwaveringly we prioritize our prime,
Ain't sofa on the ring of boxing and presumely
Contumely forty lines, but not turned in in time!

The Latin epigraph foremerited and pictured
And we ask who else can, if not Okudzhava,
In Trenton help us bloke -- in Florida to lick sure
The famous people's ass -- think big, comment ca va!

The mountain subject gores our previous predilections,
Our stupor abnegates even a trip to the Wa
Presumely late at night to buy some donuts, condoms,
A salad and two pears, foregoing Ellen La

And after Google search indefinates the supine
Real forcement of relics -- endorphins are required
And what can we do for box on the cheek, smiling,
When the girl wants you red upon the tracks and wired?

Lenin and the stoveman presents a slew of chances
How not to braze a pond with your suicidal jump
Religiously baroque with unindulgent "can there
Be anything in life except somebody's dump?"

Commensurate with task a teacher calls the talent
The very opposite of what it can pursue
And melodrama thence ensues on Broadway's blatant
And innocent crosstreet: too late to be of u-

Se, and there's no criticism colloquially ever,
Too north and south normal, what's Maryland's New York
And we are in NJ and we just need an ally
To not asphyxiate on phantasies and jerk

And all that's left to us is difference Siberian
And all that us propels is three norms up a horse
And who us told the rest must as well be Rastafarian
For life is very short, but you can do much worse!

прочтений: 3
раздел: юмористическая поэзия
дата публикации: Dec 28, 2018

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