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Rambler's Top100

RECIPE TO "SUTULYJ STUL..." (Protiv uspeha n


a tom beregu...) Signs of anxiety(...) ("YOU TEACH ME")... "Often use the word INTREPID..." (a mere appendage)... STIPEND-paid(!) ("ALL POOR EAT LO MEIN"...) "Soberi izpod podushki sberezen'a..." ("FORGET GENIA...") How Scarlett Johanson IS suffering(...) (HE REALLY LOVES GALICH, knowing Vysotsky(...))...

THAT'S RIGHT (don't lie to who you think is an old, arid/FART, bastard...)

Be. Good. To yourself, to other people, to everything you do. It's a norm of life by which people should try to live. Don't waste time. Be interesting and interested.

Mikhail Baryshnikov

used to be true... for poetry... (PROOF: American APPAREL...) imperilment OF friendships(...) (SCARIEST REASON FOR PRESCRIBING "abilify")... "GRACHI..." Domme-Cast...

No dancer can watch Fred Astaire and not know that we all should have been in another business.

Mikhail Baryshnikov

THIS IS miopia: FAT fuck! (MAMA idiot...) "QUOTE BRODSKY..."

There comes a moment in a young artist's life when he knows he has to bring something to the stage from within himself. He has to put in something in order to be able to take something.

Mikhail Baryshnikov

(it's the reverse in lewdness for no tits: HE SEES... comfortably "LEVITATING"... a set of finger prints...) AND THINKS (being SHIT) life w.o him from Erevan!... "THIS MAN IS PHENOMENAL" (for I'm smart...) AND I CAN TELL HOW HE WALKS ("the walk")... THE HOLLOW AND OLD-AGE IMAGINATION OF "shark..." ("HOW COOL IT IS...") like hollow-points(...) AND THIS IS WHAT HE THINKS IN PHLEGMA, SO YOU LOSE YOUR ROOTS(...) looking at a photograph(...) how Otis Redding got lost(...) (THE IDEAS OF HAYDN...) who a rare person is(...) "SPARSE ARE SUCH..." risks... "ETO NASTOASCHIE strasti"... GUARANTEED SCANK IN 5 YEARS(...) "best wood is mahogany..." (HOW most of them fuck...) "CARAVAN" v sarae (LONGEVITY)?...

When I see people on the street, I look at how they walk. It's like a signature, a fingerprint.

Mikhail Baryshnikov

"A moloditsy-MOLODUSHKI..." (Nyne v "ADUSHKE...") Anodyne BY "FATHER," HE MEANS "Hubby..." HE MEANS ANOTHER (look at JULIETTE Lewis...) W.O. NOTICING HER NAME, MOHAMED(...)

Perfection is a theory. You cannot be a perfect human being, perfect artist. You cannot be a perfect husband, you cannot be a perfect father probably and probably I am not. But go through your daily routine with hope you will be a little better in all respects, and do something meaningful.

Mikhail Baryshnikov

EXACTLY pasta, FAGGOT (SPOUSE malposta)... "STYLISH..." (that means, they are all DIVINE...) JUST SAY it fast (how well you look?) HOW HEALTHY THE food tasted(...)

I want to see people dance, and I would like to guess what kind of people they are. I don't want to know the recipe for their pasta.

Mikhail Baryshnikov

FALSE OFFER OF A sex (NOT NATIVE TO HIM...) native to Vysotsky(...) LEAVE SUCH MEN!...

We're trying to stretch our muscles creatively. It gives us so much more freedom.

Mikhail Baryshnikov

прочтений: 3
раздел: стихи о любви
дата публикации: Dec 8, 2018

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