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Rambler's Top100

Against the Cabinets (To Betray Misha)... Mama or



(V. Vysotsky)

On the doorknobs, sat in faces olygarchory Torquatos...
Deribassovskaya, elsewise Garibaldi! Hande Hoch:
What will you agnosticize me? How will you now equalize us?
Coxcomb canis familiaris with familiarizing Koch...

You are welcome, my docteurs -- I'm an actor, not self-copier,
Can be snappier and choppier, oh but happier? Why worse?
I'd be writing Midnight Trolley, I'd be reliquing bluff,
I'd be acting all morally -- but I've had of that enough!

How just reticent and lying all those residents and viers
For the utmost place in hospice turniquet me by the horns!
I'm not fit for institution, I'm just one of those good "friers"
Or the friars, who hands out flyers to my own concert, not Bjork's!

My first comrade's not Nguen, not derogatory Jiangsu...
The agnostics drown in Yangtze, but I live and keep my yen
Why are you so hidebound corny? haven't even learned "privet"?
On Cape Horn, all blarney horny! in New Haven, ever "net"...

Apple of the eye greets pleasure... as a monkey greets the stranger --
But crepuscular avenger from the Britain spoils the feast;
I would not bare knives in rancour, wouldn't vendetta out of pleasure;
I would not let in recital all who apprehend the least...

For example, was upstaged "the Windstorm" with the ovation
To last century's translation by one Andrey Kroneberg,
Not Andrey the Voznesensky -- please forgive that strange purlieu!
I've found out that Brodsky's sexy, but I read his "The Cat's Meow..."

Cloning on slalom forbidden... in canteen the heads are bitten
Whose fault, that he kept repeating some old formula and urged
With a shotgun into psycheward? Can't I drink Cosmopolitan
And then head to my next lover through the jungle of absurd?

Never cheated on by wife -- never innocent presumed once,
Unvoracious in dune skunks! I ain't suing you for life;
Bally is a nervous center -- I ain't switching in bedroom
After a just reckless bender-fender -- night in asylum...

I'm a good bridesgroom... not hairy! Can you understand, that marry
My own young son can, when bury me Remizov they Azov's
As philosopher not kinky, all because I ride the Dinghy
Not to bathe professor's pinky, but to show him some write-offs!

Pulverize me by bulldozer, but stave off from me combine...
Shows me taser quite a noser unreclining in design!
The result: a chimney-sweeper diagnosis "die of nose"
And the only jeeper-creeper, whose own face-skin was porous...

прочтений: 6
раздел: юмористическая поэзия
дата публикации: Aug 25, 2018

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