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Rambler's Top100



How Calves We Touched... Cowardly Doctors (Malinowski didn't make it)...
(Vladimir Vysotsky)

I was a vulnerable, weak,
Faux-Norman Mailer, maverique...
Blood-spilling at each mountain peak...
But never falling down
And hither, as if stalwart pop --
James Bond hysteria, I propped
And was called Hilter by some mop
Inside a medic wand!

A suicide? A giving-up
Of apertures and songs?
Not fighting for my living drop
Of syringes and gong?
A morphine confsc'ed in lieu King-Kong,
An apparition blazoned,
A Chinatown around the corn-
Er, coroner-examined?

Weak nerves create propensities
In stolid doctors' ears,
That decreate immensities
In lieu of stabs and fears!
Who'll disagree with me? Noone --
Perhaps, Evtushenko...
I don't want president of con
To be Poroshenko.

Usurping fame of other men
One needs a dick to start again,
But with e-libraries by then
Ex-alcoholic fronts
How are you gonna staff a hosp?
You're called for weightlifting a husk,
And there you recognize a wasp...
Your Riga friend, in stunts!

'M I ever vague? You tell me, huns...
Hired by delinquentory buns
And Quentin Tarantino grunts
When he's shooting a scene:
All have a talant, save a lice
But doctors weakened need some lies
To take you in and treat you twice
Despite a coercion

A Bayer campus thus is build --
Obey her and eat shit...
I act appropriate and yield...
They wreck me bit by bit
And reck you, sis... and rack the place...
He does not love America...
What is the difference, what face
Ignores the movie Carrie, car?

Who's growing bald and peddling drugs
Makes kitten out of Russ --
How are you gonna make him plug
His own conical juice?
For him those temples, that severe
Don't sever only parts
But sever the whole endless, queer
And disagreeing hearts!

A big mistake -- they made me wait
And cling to suspects... all too late
To simply amnesty their hate
And hide themselves in hides
For this, the animals on earth;
For this delapidating hearsts
For nomenclature workers burst
By early songs' invites...

Whom tiger mauls, and nullifies...
Whom stone hits on the glass!
Whom operation petrifies,
On nose but choosing ass...
Forgoing suds, a spinner troll,
A has-been, if you will
Insews for General De Goll
Depression to make ill!

Having forgotten extra quill
But knowing my own back...
My pride... my sinuous and ill
Thrill-boasting with the lack
Or here the presence of my wife...
I herald for Walt Whitman
And stand up for my Mishka... quite
Blinded and by drinks bitten...

He can't believe, that I forsook
His Judas' art and his berserk
Ignominous sly manner: work,
Repudiate the rest...
Without me, happenings in Chechnya
Will otherwise bide time... and bla...
My wife is typical! acne
And early death's threat!

Megalomaniac excuse
And accusation swift
Reminds me, that I wrote Mongoose
For cunnilingus' drift...
But I do not believe in Mosque --
Pass that to Secretary
Prime of our Party... and my "husk"
Endevors me to marry!

Eh, Mishka... what was your idea?
Three years and Galich dead...
I should be singing "Obladi"
To find noone instead?
My ordered head forbids me that
For the free medicinals,
Air tram to Roosevelt Island, brat...
My son is calling penal.

The 13 ways to look at a
Subliminal blackbird,
To play a Man with Blue Guitar,
Be acting all absurd,
B-movies join in Hollywood
Finagles me and waits!
Calls Misha transworth -- prob'ly good
But then Beyrut is Yeytsk?

Hams... threats to lock me underneath
Some cellar -- Peter Sellars? Sheath
Upon a shield and now I breathe
With further dictation
Not from the language -- Nietzsche-bound,
But promises a friend I found
So Brooklyn and bilingual -- fount
Will flow forever on...

L.A.-contumely? wings and breast-
Stroke taught and we're prepared...
Alla costumely needs some rest
As "sham" I later bared...
A pedestal, to bear Lukoil...
We need our the whole state...
Azerbajdzhan, the whole turmoil --
Mistake however made!

White whale will rescue me next time,
Will shut my mother in her prime,
Givotte will dance inside some lime
And lemon add to top
And eat the whole -- didn't write war songs,
My feat's humongous, your oblong
And dainty stomach will prolong
My life and let me hop,

And then the rest will hop and dance...
Surrounding the IHOP
And morning talks "who gains, who clams
With leopold and Loeb"
Will cease and bare a tooth so sweet
Around the morning coffee
In Buffalo -- they'll sing complete
My "academic Ioffe!"

прочтений: 6
раздел: верлибр
дата публикации: Aug 21, 2018

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