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Rambler's Top100

Alexander Dolsky's face, for fuck's sake YOU BLEW IT! (HOW MANY ANALS? :)) VENDETTA FOR THE PLANET..



Why Water? "All blasted, All wasted" (Naked to the Waist) Except for a Mine-Shooter
(M. Scherbakov)

Cats are serene at night and the stipend's falling,
Cars are between the sheets and I lose control,
Lavary thrives on destitute, but I'm bawling
From the departure of him who knew to dole...

Voyage-forevisioned I banks of ancient Nilus,
Mercury was enthralling both banks or shores;
Much was harranging, washing the floors and while as
I stood and watched, the scaffolds were shaking pores...

Someone quiessent hoary was boarding bootleg
Interrogating vagary up-tempo!
Complexly he was thwarting the hairy Ludwig
Whereas sagacious Mozart sang Limpopo...

A crystal house madam with the chrysantemum
Stood by the wayside and inflagrated rock;
Others beleaguered were, but she earned my friendship
For percolating wisely "all run amok!"

DD combine machine there betook its virtue,
Stagnant forwater cringed and squeezed out a sock
And when theater of the darkside brought barter
The Misha Barton residue seized Montauk!

(A woman called a maniac) The song continues

Ignorant, unsuspecting and antianxious
Barbiturate rejector and fragrant mind
Noticed all the tempestuous pregnant edges
Of the proceedings, but what is there behind?

Sadfully, rhodent locusts compared me facely
To the revolving message of what is real!
Who did more there and who waited the reester
Daniel Dafoe asked which for Webster keel!

Who will be swimming in precedented not to
Florida waters, dropped on a sinking boat
Took twenty years thereafter and molto tattoo
And traversied awareness of who that brought.

Cohabitation racially made matter
And unsuspecting I, having missed Fargo,
Was suicidal thoughtfully and embattered,
Songs of the South would much have retained me -- lo!

Dogs rescued maimed embellishments of the other,
Carnal and horny, vociferated, he
Fidgetted and Italian digids drowsily
Tailgated the insanity to the free


Vita's Autobiography Where Heroin?  (The Beethoven brother is sacred) How many medicines?
(M. Scherbakov)

Requiem made cuckold, how old am I?
Clique upon a waiter homeless now
Pinned under Pininterest up in Maryland,
Dutifully searching Paris-Lon-

Don in first translations John-Donne Crestpaste!
Better grow some peyses Bernard Shaw --
Crystal Palace sleeping forbids Barrens
Pine for confirmation Bernardo

Henceforth stipulating spirulina
Up to the call waiting Farrow Mia
Under the untitled titless creama
From a good espresso in Crimea...

Nigger stationBrunswickally hoaries --
No more intimation of the Whale
Or the invocation travelling horseless
In a stupid quarantine of hell:

Behind Gnedich cloud, Moskva-Odessa:
Yes in all of Freehold only ten
Clublessly unintricate for Yessir
Quoted in translations of a den!

Epigraph thereby constrains the pedal,
Only choice of vision is terract,
Why are we all doing this -- for medal?
Or in snows forgoing intellect?

Stoli pints Stolypinsky adverting
Every advertisement unengaged
Personally crisised and myopic
Hospitalized urgent and deranged

Fact of dead entrails and there's no effects:
Can't buy back the purchase, lost guitar...
Lomonosov's loins, has-been politicals,
Merciful belonging in D-Bar!

Horseradish untopically vitals
Abstigating Rodney Dangerfield,
Refusing to treat for claiming heinous
Crime because in Cleveland on the street,

In street condemnation cookschools cuckolds
With origination, not the out,
40 years of life forgetting Tom Waits
And abetting heights for Guiness Stout.

Fourth? (Separated by Peapod)
(Mikhail Scherbakov)

Reseda Avenue in San Fernando
Pornographismo Valley on a war
Gives out awards to high-five brothers dull now --
We need KFed out of that Kinko ward:

In Magadan is better diagnoses
Of noses, trumpets, toes and asses too
Especially when you have poor prognosis,
Clever by half and how-do-you-do...

McKinley left with Zhana Aguzarova,
Jean D'Ark ain't needed -- darkie bring it on
Onto the ferry going to the Zaro
Bread on Penn Station -- it is Brigham Young,

Worcoholism!  Gusar has died on wording:
There are some gays not everything is maize.
Kevorkian already is covorting
On Sylvester Stallone's gaze!

Is Pocahontas with Christobel Hunta?
Is tundra crying, is taiga motive,
How's Teagan Presley on Iosif doing -- 
Like Ashley Blue or better with throat strep?

Now the whole band will sem-intrep the column --
Can please the throng, but you can't please the song!
The Microsoft is wording out the problem,
Kevorkian right, Teresa wrong...

Cross Dresser (Exceptional)!
(Mikhail Scherbakov)

Insofar as no thing has happened to us duly
Unwaveringly we prioritize our prime,
Ain't sofa on the ring of boxing and presumely
Contumely forty lines, but not turned in in time!

The Latin epigraph foremerited and pictured
And we ask who else can, if not Okudzhava,
In Trenton help us bloke -- in Florida to lick sure
The famous people's ass -- think big, comment ca va!

The mountain subject gores our previous predilections,
Our stupor abnegates even a trip to the Wa
Presumely late at night to buy some donuts, condoms,
A salad and two pears, foregoing Ellen La

And after Google search indefinates the supine
Real forcement of relics -- endorphins are required
And what can we do for box on the cheek, smiling,
When the girl wants you red upon the tracks and wired?

Lenin and the stoveman presents a slew of chances
How not to braze a pond with your suicidal jump
Religiously baroque with unindulgent "can there
Be anything in life except somebody's dump?"

Commensurate with task a teacher calls the talent
The very opposite of what it can pursue
And melodrama thence ensues on Broadway's blatant
And innocent crosstreet: too late to be of u-

Se, and there's no criticism colloquially ever,
Too north and south normal, what's Maryland's New York
And we are in NJ and we just need an ally
To not asphyxiate on phantasies and jerk

And all that's left to us is difference Siberian
And all that us propels is three norms up a horse
And who us told the rest must as well be Rastafarian
For life is very short, but you can do much worse!

Th'Expense of Spirit in the Waste of Shame Lyrics
(Mikhail Scherbakov, 1993)

It is me not some crazy onlooker, and not somebody up there beside...
It is me, not the tenth -- not a hooker, not a he, not a she -- having died.
It is me, donkey, weeble, a weezel monkey-Bonkey; surrendering type,
Exponential salt, a specimen, an exhibit debunking the hype...

Who has said that a trainer has volume, a display has both hands and the feet!
Having tergiversated asylum, I explain I ain't facing defeat.
Who am I without documents heavy, giving hundreds of concerts for free? (Semen Semenych)
There's no red; when I hear When the levee breaks I look at my face, it's to be!

It's me, heavenly size or a wisely chosen weight -- it's not him, it's not it
Even if it's not me -- still precisely disillusioned, illusioning spit
It is me, from the cuvettes and trenches climbing whole, climbing free, climbing pure -- but rife
And thereafter announcing as wenches, that the art does not beg a tenure -- never theft, never life!

Lithium of beaurocracy dumb-faced, sitting next to me on the back seat
Whereas usually in front -- am I homeless, do I need to be derelict beat?
I'm disparaging such a nuances' plate, lotto, detonation and bomb,
Ghotti family, Gambino trances, better just Don Fannuci, you're dumb.  Imbecil, horrid scum!

Unsagacious hammer and anvil -- neither one, I am reasoning Bush,
It is me loving booty and navel, rather than operation and kush!
It is mine various-metered endeavor was begreeted by Tutanhamen.  --beats me!
It is me, whose favorite was never Dzhigarhanyan, whose first name's Armen!  --for this country is free --

It is me shedding tears with no greater frequency, than fidelity kill,
It is me who can wait for the later -- not preserving a will, or a thrill;
It is me, fleeing talent, admiring innocuity's every caveat -- for tooth,
It is me, perspicating a tyrant not because he is keeping his seat -- but because he loves truth...

It is me, whose own face is a griddle of a Scherbakov -- call him that tar!
It is me, who likes face of a widow of a bard, and hangs her the guitar...
It is me when am drinking, am merry but not gay -- let the manuscripts burn in urn
Of mere being, when I still like Jim Carrey and I work out and when I my burn can't earn!

Hence come rats' colloquy in a subway, but of never the capital un-derground --
Abgemacht and I'm shooting a Sun Trail in some city down south, it's a sound.

The Shadow
(M. Scherbakov)

I've gotten used to a celibate shadow, observing no farther than a s-
Tep; the book is only a paper; a looking glass's but a glass.
In it a razing twin and submissive listener, full of pennance,
Fades, wouldn't be even blinking let alone drooling -- it was well as!

Yesterday, he did get tedious and attempted to please his appetite;
Didn't indulge or wasn't enticed by my elocutive tune --
Whereupon he shot out of the house to weigh, and compare, and happen,
All along with some new tunes what are they doing -- once in a moon!

Well it is not some show wagon for the new age, it's not always funny;
The hearing's waiting for a grandiloquent essence, a relic, tone --
You enjoy your rife walk, my sagacious echo, obsconding money,
Conquer the noise without laugh, if you don't find music -- just move along...

(That girl is annoying) Moribund Gladden Maria (in tune)

The brigant crowd has been dictating to ancient choirs some amiss-notes;
But the moment that something's athwart, speedy gracious, away and down,
With the choir, it's unbearable, while at the bottom, okay in distance --
Whether it's that or this way, akin and identically not fun.

I am dazzled and fading; my debut is lost and the benefit's needless,
Necessary now away from the stagings, to the dark silent prayer;
This way, that a way, broke some rules, barefoot bent some needles --
Time away from the searing acutest to dulling one, when it's bare...

With that abated ache, the care's art, but the maximum's two tablets --
Secong, and all the insane pain, and residual head-piece have flown away;
Hey you twin, when you do return from your intricate walking habits
Reinvent lackadaisically, how to thence occupy your day...

Any Lutherans Here?  (Absurdity, Lift a Barbell Like Vysotsky)
(Mikhail Scherbakov)

Came up to an endurance of the old chattel, surviving words,
Fish, bearing no pandurance is me affecting like all absurds --
Looking she is severely, unspeaking coarsely barely aglint!
Fish, why don't you say merely two words in purpose...  Alive asquint?

Callous and sharp for losses, I gathered gerunds -- gave up for tips...
Torrid poetic license withabnegated and looked stupid:
Foreign describing circles, I vision labor but feel astute
Fish, why don't you engurgle at least as sultry a prostitute?

Autumn... just simple falltide bizarres my senses... to the extreme,
Of constitution pallid someone on photo will glint and scream
Beaming it's not erotic but barely eros, as in a knave!
Fish, why our simbiotic forestalls a virtue but pushes crave?

My step will be enveigled by dirty billow in a penchant.
Why do our words finagle the utmost passions of a merchant?
Guesting at other houses the map forbids us and disallows!
Due to the autumn vouchers we lost our senses and lost our vows!

Autumn... bestows we're losers, confers we're ugly, insists we're small,
I feel I'm touching bosom but never vary in my parole,
Tepid mistakes of hunger, thoughts of impatience, feeling of verve,
Fish, why not carry longer you are alive and you are a perve?

Natasha Surpassed Expectation, Showing a Leg, Finding a Suit, Breaking Nose
(M. Scherbakov)

Indigene, native bastard, you can't live as a man
Using progeny the word, smelling canny --
Unhabitually something is athwart, as it can
Tomorrow maneken and out of tan!

Let's say last morning

Both familial you bronze adhered to wrists with the snap,
And for entrance stashed a hundred (in rubles)
But in a trolleybus trammed and swung through stop with a nap
And Tred'yakubskaya obsconded trap!

It's not you, last night, up worthy two-half steps -- that is here
From profundities where wardrobe serves eat
Married easel afficionado Natali propped,
Excursioner, a prof esthete.

Just note the spelling, stupid.

Thank the golly egad Mormon, it's no Morton you rapped,
Unchiefdeputied and thence unKarasined;
Bloked fruit fellows, blogged the cosinus and nose broke entrapped,
Saw Katja Kassin and forgot you're taped.

Horrendous Fellow!

Toes on Lazarus prep concert indivvying Pepboy,
A detective has to be by Vysotsky
But as far as indignations, jealousies, Chips Ahoy,
You're merely nascent, heading for Bolshoy.

Atrophy is more by brains than muscular -- give and go --
Ain't forgiving it upon the last concert:
Did some Stairclimber, forgot Charlize Theron, showed a toe,
Set up the victuals, and bestowed lotto!

Yes you did, Master!

Well, Natasha didn't keep the old diurnal in Prague,
Studied Latin in the Greek of Hungary
And as far as the Vysotsky of the seventy-five,
There's Glengary Glenn Ross and that is prive-

at, as Woodman Pierre is private -- but forgetting the socks
For James Bond is an insane requisition,
There is Henry James correcting, William Butler... Reikstags
And Tiger Woods, that's merely guten tag!

Without turnstyles and the vodka, without virgins and rock,
Without using such a word as Dupree
You'll return from California a stolid prom sock,
But you say firm, when simply up for stalk...

Steaks that Natali is eating send Aurora to hill,
Ashley Blue wants Scherbakov on a table
And as far as Karen Lancombe, she is dead if you will
That makes you evil on my concert bill

Consider prizes

But when you are on a transport, don't knock windows straight in --
Bend it sideways and a little but thigh-ward
Otherwise my Natali, like a bird, will begin
The Beguine sizing and master routine --

Egomaniacs are drizzling, make a scene, show a toe
But a trainer only teaches Aikido
Otherwise, there will be too much envy in sportlotto,
Hammer and anvil will die long ago!

Remember Wolf?  Shit in my Mouth, not My Pants
(M. Scherbakov)

Where are you now, the pedestrian barefish?
Barrels are void, tiderush is fair...
Fishtide geseungt it is oafish or lavish
You're in a den or in a lair.

As for me, having geared fair licences in aggression
I drag an empty driftnet up to the sultry shore.
However mine -- none's -- shore won't divvy away from me on,
So I can not pretend that I've much store!

Daintily countried-in, rooted, entrenched and resistant,
Local potato salt reached me by knees.
I know the local speech so indepth, in an instant
No aborigine will tell would you please!

But by the Mech embraced or bearskin, or deerskin deftly,
Sunny drifts duty shifts by, I go up to the board
Of insagacious ads or ludicrous dollyorders --
Can there be anything where I'm abhorred?

Electorate, fish's no longer in mention:
Wherever yes, there is no truce!
Anew now in my box, there's tomorrow's dictation
Not to oppress, but to produce...

Give him a hairy dose somnolences without treason;
Unmadagascar corner, furniture for the cane:
Let him impress himself as feeling here without reason
Is he a guest, can he remain?

Daily, nocturnally, gavel with sentence...
Sheets are amusing, cold is control.
Rustle inveigles me down nobody's commencements --
Local the salt, local console!

Never've I droned myself as either a guest or nephew --
All merely simply favors and curtinaceous gifts!
The News forget to change, but nails rattle in Nepenthe!
Local assortment by the gavel's thrift...

Sounds Whose? That Lay, Whose Fault? (Faulkner's? Two Separate Answers) Apartment Issue (Purely Visual, Thriller)
(Mikhail Scherbakov)

No forcements became needed for the rooftops,
The whip isn't whistling with Aqualung --
Rock album from terrace.  The powers don't need your moribund stupors,
And gestures resolve in a signature one
Although, in reality, it too is done

For.  Liberated you are, and not dangerous parolee,
Early death isn't threatening, intermission
Qualifies useful to someone fashionable,
Voracious, but not impassionable
And if you just wink, you'll know Larisa Gershon.

Megan Fox provocates impassuity,
Private we are no longer, wherever we want!
Time and space is confused to each other Pogutin-like
Singing the Okudzhava... As if it is cunt;
Throw the map over border, pronounce Yves Montan-d.

Master Grisha resounds on one toe inconspicuously,
Novella Matveeva flex Sonic Youth!
You meet a ts chinese, blonde (great vacuity)...
You hand her two dollars and quarter, she enters you;
You leave unbegotten and think you've compute...

Computer that's bought you strains neck to vacuity,
Song written three weeks earlier mellows the way...
Triggering memories of Timur and ego komanda --
What are you gonna say about the Fish called Wanda?
Give away your systemic whore.  Timur Shaov, hey!

Winter in Govoruhin's House, Who Blue Houdini?
(Mihail Scherbakov)

As in the timid old, and free mountain municipality
Borrowed on money of city prozaced
You undeclamorously forget how many latches stalk you yet
From the bear visit late to that squat rack.

Who'll fix my nose?

Getting evicted you are not, bandit or Verdict movie hot
Shot or a simply beauty pot, cutie --
What are you doing with your time, except Kevorkianing rhyme?
TV is playing, it's not prime dutifully...

Who forgave all?

Cellphones are scarying all the folk from Maurice Baring old baroque
Pushkin translation of a fog VV!
It's actually a suing time for the pursuing in his prime
Bringham Young grad ensuing crime -- vitaminly...

How do you do it?

Now the old heeler crossed the hatch in frog position of a latch;
Now he no longer understands scaffold...
Rhymes like the same l'amour toujours bring an old woman to the cure
Band, but not actually dour Beowulf!

Why hit my face now?..

Maniac Prayers (Dilletante)
(M. Scherbakov)

Except there may be a cup extra
From Richard Gere, the damning pester
Of an old girlfriend in reester?

You can't reenter the old waters,
You have to banter what is Godard's
Investment in the "srednij vozrast".

Incest!  Two roads, tobacco grinding --
A dandy making the obsconding
Steppaths on Path train to the one ding! 

He knew, that in the night obliquely
I'll be extracted like a meakly
Aggrieved fly, consoling weakly!

Thought I that hearts aren't had by oldsters
Severe and lying, with upholsters
But what are lobsters, if there're floorstars?

They're busy, as they catch the splinters
With falling under in the hinders;
They'll burn and blow away the cinders!

Of this I, percolating snidely,
Thought and preponderated widely
But what occurred was far beside me.

The old instructed me, be wary;
We see that you can't other marry
Or wise be, when you're looking scary!

Bat-mitzvahed, if you're feeling Yankee
Your stunts and antics, hanky-panky
Will rib with till, commanding lanky...

And if old said to get a tenure,
Forget the Soviet, change the venue
Never do such a thing again, you!

Tomorrow, carry elocution
Of feisty job to a fruition,
Melodious, you'll be on a mission...

We'll give you place, as you can bear it,
You'll make it look insane and married
Or Captain Cooke will have you buried.

While at all's whole in it, and wholesome
The service must be like a person
Observing it, that's not coercing.

But if the service doesn't watch it
It must be wretched and not turgid...
There'll be another one emergent.

Freedom to Pushkin One Pure And Anodyne Experience at Massage Parlor

Someone gladly fell deaf to desire
And de facto unhassled retreat
As unhazing sorority sire
Unintuited sisterly beat

And more boring, more tuna he ate
"Stay in Florida when wanna leave"
In quagmire unoriginal -- hate
Perdispersing amid the aggrieved

   Prosthetic arm, prostetic bliss,
   I've done some harm, I'm a Narciss,
   I hate my father, and I die 
   But why not close up my song, why?

Unperspiring "and not be the first
For the usage of phrasing "in mud""
Not be dominant, gay if you're cursed (That's first day)
When Katrina Law says you are hot,

And crucified, which is not too hot
For translations of airy insane
Molecularly modern and not
Looking like to him like Sam Hussein

Or that Saadi in Pushkin's last stan-
Za of EO... his name is Stan Gatz!
They say euw when he's on the train
And say au, when he is causing abzatz.

Elk is great, but Minogue beats them both
All including the centipede's feet
And if Pete asks for training too close,
Bid 'im take his income, and repeat:

   But tennis trainer said me No,
   I quarantine you from the harm;
   You're trying to break through porno
   (On Beacon Street) "A kak tam vas po imenam"?

Woman doesn't have to come in your bed,
Play Morocco when she's in Zair,
Men defend when they're killing her stead
In Maggiano, that's Italy's cream,

And stupendous profundity of
Tits invention for hags realized
Or unbeautiful Jarrelling profs
Future Jennings in Princeton -- he dies!

Joe Cotten of the Other Movie; Knows Relief
(Mihail Scherbakov)

Amenably prodigious; and rotten to the core embracing lighter chairs
I judge myself fortuitously last night uncovetously
A school boy newly disciplined, into an Asian mouth big-orbitting
I claim investments, returns doe-eyed coarsely exhorbitting...

How pawned I Hart Crane avidly, let nowly the appraiser you mislead,
My musically Harlem brings a disco Gaynor to the teeth...
The airodrome La Guardia untabulates the tracklines fine and beat
Uncaravagio to San Francisco
Four hours under sheaths.

There's no use to pay secondhands -- electric innocuities and vibes
Insouciantly scarletted the unserenest shoreline,
Obeyed to wholly integers, displaying the habitual assets
And the acuteness of aim to save honor made hardly frets

Thought seriously, escapage across the hundredscore and twenty states
(Among which New York Brooklynage is only chocolate bite and sleep)
Is unfiscal amenity of reading ads on trains and curing zits
But 5 minutes ago it listlessly unrated, just jeepers creep!

The distance came azurious, Azerbajdzhanian almost in reserve,
Not copiously Moldavian and nothing with Armenia...
I see the rails Magestrial, like Bach's surrogate hand, and Hitchcock's perve,
But really it's Ed Koch's unmoral restrail behind rats' nerve,

And though the rivers rescue me, Rasputinly, like hero crucified
And white its unique color, but I crave to phantasize the end
Of his horrendous influence that starts from the New Balance nine and a half wide
Amorphous from the martsipans and Belgian netto sold bellishments...

The Ocean Drive cocktailery, like cutlery sold earlier in the age,
Sent apes to my ordinary, and dominant ambitions...
And I no longer trolley sphere -- exhibiting the hemi, in college,
I perstigate myself with measured hems and cull equipage;

Electrical embarrassment exists for nothing straight-postured and free --
And victims of philosophy'll be some one other, than the Mate!
The airodrome La Guardia untabulates the tracklines souciantly
Bihemispherical to San Francisco

And clerically chemical -- don't call it alchemy, that wants to be 
Procrusteanly mescluned.

Bad Moldavian Betraying a Senator (Reference Nord Ost) Stop this Insanity
(M. Scherbakov)

The half-day, the rail-station, the bureau -- all appropriate was there save two of us --
The queue, the curlicue, the rain, and the... straight line to Oredezh and Pavlovsk;
All passengers, without exception, knew their roles and arias in place, excluding us
As if a rare inventor mixed in us into an alien music coldless... 

Sowed to the word, glued into set -- to the buffet embellishments and modern radio-plethora of middle waves;
The rain drooped-eared, the day was debt
And yet no day meant more or was annointed to us more in collages and craves!

As if no body fallowed in our way, we were studying and disentangling
The tingling dissertation of desserts and horsedevoirs in that sequention;
We lied interrogatingly about who we were telling the biography
Of, in an intensive prerogative bestowed on us by doctors waiting!

Someone's display, ardor and greed
Was evidently seizing us by the awareness, that it can do in any flash! (We loved the Johnny Cash, kill a model)
Shyness will fade.  Pride will recede
But epithets have not dispersed, we did not vanish, we narrated our own trash...

The meteorite never fell on us, and never tumbled down the short intrigue,
The turtle-thoughted intertheories did not us integerly conquer!
The progress-incentived dispatcher didn't strike with verisimilitude of his critique
And languid unusurping vagary still seizes us, alone and tardive.

Verily now clinging to old, we favor and anticipate, ferver confirming and infinitesimal truth,
Reference tact, legalness, cold
And in the end, we ferry that the leper will give up his way of youth...


Sonatier, Distempered Sloganer, 2014.  Theoretical Bomb
(M. Scherbakov)

Has it actually happened?  Spots gave way to a purposed design;
Clueless, what it was apt on, has forfeited each trace of a line;
What was ferretting vainly blossomed stunningly within a glow
For the evening insanely it couldn't even low.

And today, it has gathered: being conformed to, and followed a path:
And the uselessness tethered and the vanity found it repast,
And it's hard to get faster at believing what happened to day
But literally yester all was leagues away.

And yet, yesterday rocky were relationships even at rest;
Capitally unlucky one was, feeling the worst and the best.
What variety of cards seemed to trump the antecedent ones
But the game fell to cowards and loss took on ponce.

The Financial sector was retreating, the treatment was deaf;
The Protection lost vector; and the code was of memory bereft
And the structure of on-view, voicing traitorship losing all fears,
From the shame and dishonor-you delved into tears!

Through the holes in the cordon, leaked away educational layer,
Through the holes in the ozone atmosphere was just oozing aglare,
Through the holes in the lawzone castigations were reaching their scope
Because nothing was awesomely kept on a rope.

Populace was savaging, cultured fare was discounted to swoon,
Noone anymore raging, about equipping ski-packs at noon.
No one raved at the sunset to a river with reed to the toy:
You couldn't weep at the M-HAT or melt at Bolshoy...

The professional's dances were bespeaking themselves not awhole;
The rhyme-mongerer's stanzas were de-rhymestering out of control;
The clarinet virtuoso without happiness blew in the tube 
Because that's not what also was meant for Ice Cube!

The constructions-lace furnished were outshuddered by panel debris --
From the ferris of fortune there was nothing to look on, or pee!
And when casually it fathomed to attract a bechildrened step-in
The wheel wouldn't be liaisoned to any function;

And today, it got running, all the motionless started to revv,
Learned it all to the stunning, organized to deprave and to brave,
Stopped stagnating precisely, self-intuited the hidden force
And intuited wisely salvational course!

The cardplayer rebounded... azure skies have rekindled their face;
The faith-speaker and Christ-curse by the beach bonfire made an embrace
And the punishing organ, having guessed the approriate sign
Is responding sans auguring their knowledge turned fine...

The Guard-soldier repostured, crooked the doctor of arts, crafts and science
The earth-plower came urging and evictingly plowed the old lines;
Architector came running and went drawing the Capitol gear;
The new vector is stunning, the new goal is clear.

Newly, dances and stanzas are embellishing lushly the courts
Where the olds knowing answers irrevocably give up the hoarse
And in hairy old basements the fresh youth doesn't yell, doesn't spit
For in reading commences prefers it to sit!

Everything heard a ruble.  Fell in love with just forming a row:
The Chef Pavel is brewing the dry fruit in a stagnant aglow,
And by instance, Chef Peter places margarine in semoline;
The cordons show a beater, Bolshoy -- Lohengrin.

And sugued without fainting, elocutional not resting place
Scowling, soughing and dainting he, who brought our new freedom disgrace
Realizes there's no one to be disputing over a debt
But it's not for him over to be arguing over that yet!

He is slashing with anger; is assuring his honor's at stake,
And the debts he does hanker to offer to God knows whom at wake,
With a deed, if not parcel, to pay men by the squat's second set --
So you go to that car, soul step in and pay-sweat.

The carsaunas, wayfarer, by the way are kept clean -- custom geared:
There you do have to pay her for the drinks and the service not feared.
There massaging you keptly, a young beauty will show you the welt,
And the credit card wetly will sink down her belt.

Maybe, steambaths will tell you to redubitate the old aplomb:
You were fleeing your failure but success is around the next bomb
And it's easy to jetzt get, even if Moscow's map is a maze;
Bridge's name is Kuznetsky and then it's crossways!

My congrats -- it has happened, revocated, and hence to the close
Unexhibiting latern, I'm informing the ladies and those --
Let them use the old hiccup to pass down to the end of purlieus:
Laying flowers by your knee-cap, imbibing the smoke-hose, endearing the heels.

Time after Time, Jump Ended (Tatmadaw Kyi action, Not Too Much Krill)
(Mihail Scherbakov)

Piza tower is falling... I don't know how many legs;
I'll be losing footing, and be the Marnie...
Reasons for malfeasance is worthier of kegs
Naked and funny trying Augustine sex...

Party entertainer to table round I'm not,
Find another dancer with kemosabe,
Gothic integration -- hey -- don't achieve so hot...
What is lost is Ausgabe for the despot!

Line up, indigenes -- honor from rank to rank...
Questionaires and tabs are nothing to fan at;
Use with pleasuremaking -- hey -- intimately flank,
Diastolic with systolic diaphanate!

I'll be gone with helter-skelter without a will...
Eldorado-scaling without a tow-line...
Signature requirement, when you research the braille
Waived will be without a perdure... Verdantly pain!

Phaeton has fled by, Kyle Mcdonald is on
And there is a reason: he fried a phazant
Bird with seven azures, virtues of a paisan --
Let us institute some measures for the paian.

The justification to translate Eugene Onegin (and the push) Did I Make Him Bad for Australia?
(M. Scherbakov)

Not later, but today -- veneriously venous,
I have to indulgate in the prolonged endeavor
Not to seive the old works -- but transforgive the ***:
Australian "mite", palatial height of Canada -- my mistress
And yet in death we all impress
As I have said to distress!

The album's named The Loce -- living la vida loca
And loving focal view, if you remember Poltev
I said, you marry me?  Deja is sounding Boca...
And the Scandal sounds tradiscal, amazingly erotive
For the new bloke that wear bespoke
And seek each motive motive!

Request is long forgot, the Scandal's Garsontwoing,
The Requiem is dead, according to Williamsburg,
A region in Brooklyn, that period undoing
I sing a song about the throng that reads Camera Obscure
Instead of Feast, where all deceased, by Hemingway up to it!

He hoped for Saint John's Wort (Americans were cowards)
His wife looked so puerile upon a beach not naked,
Can you believe?  Beach Boys told virgins they can make it
At the first shot without being hot (just Bellevue in Browards)
And save Lowell and say oh Well to all Kim Novaks proudwards!

But cowardly they thought, the life is made of movies
His friend R. Fitzgerald... did not believe his namesake
The nose hasn't to be fixed in Helen Mirren's the flute
De point, forelle, there is a hell before the Purgatory
And Paradise is for the luce that think so illusory...

Always lie to police, no matter what it's querying,
The quartzes love schwartzes, but we are loved by Frenchmen
And here comes San Francis in Rolls Royce, elsewise Porsche
But since Alfred "Anxietied", there's more for Poland's wearied
And unbegone in a calzon of my character married!

Lyubov Uspenskaya, as Maya West in western
Quit smoking pleads to please, as does Liza Minnelli...
The cows all do the same, the buffalo's call me Nelly
Al Gore takes rein of the insane with Bill De Blasio best ten
On Paris vine the Canto Nine vezuviuses Bruce Dern!

Dog Carnie in LA forwaters to Vysotsky,
And I can't unsuspend like Stallone in Cliffhanger
Remains the Manhunter and Helen Hunt to Preminger
Joe's old abode with antrecote this side of Morton (Brodsky)
But one Sikh gay just said okay to Naturmort and Trotsky

Kerensky, Tarkovsky, Dovlatov, and Aksenov
Reverberates the mind with Quentin Tarantino
And I sing Serenade, remembering the teener
That Genia loved, but he Fallstaffed, and Hamlet grew cretiner
In NYU the shadow glew and Genia blew Camilla!

Choice of Movies Recommended Deaf (Paths of a Sleuth)
(M. Scherbakov)

Naivete faithing, that I'm Schizophrenic
You can touch your woman by Mallory brogue
It doesn't even matter, when you are Karenina
You have no direction, except for baroque
And someone is grinding his teeth unpalatially,
And somebody wants us to storm into Prague

But we are just passing on route to Sevilia,
On way to the capital, confuse Capitol
And we are orbitting, so bitter and silly
Once over a married, twice over a girl
And who can us cherish, when cinema "zritel'"
Is predator-coward, his sleeves up a scroll...

Do trash your plan faithful to enter Beguinely
When you've been to Peking and sang that good zong,
Saw Gregory Pecker on Mockingbird freely,
Heard Brecht's ear-eloper and bought a bon-bon.
Laticia Casta with Benoche Julia
Castrated the writer, historian of long!

The fangs of a Zara composer producer
Unintricate chisel sell out to Dupree
Depraved and half-moony, orgastic and loser
Insists that we sing only songs like "My way"
Downgnating Sinatra, not squatting in courser
And not Sonatina we watch during day...

The Rest Here Is Vysotsky's Nonsense
(Mihail Scherbakov)

House -- got the window clean, shot into nephew,
Great Berdyaev -- guitar, got some money help...
Remembered Babelmandeb -- went to town Peter,
In Tred'yakovskaya back in in the web

This a capital crime?  You haven't watched Sopranos,
Never listened Parom, never read the Song
Georgian by my friend Genia in the Sena,
Like Celan after treats Godiva and bong

Bada Bing, Kengaroo, Algiers and Morocco
Favorite match for my cock, lurid for Lurie
And the Gladiator at the brink of focal
Leaving past century told me that I'm free --

Basta Rhymes, Maltrose Street, I'm a homosexual
By design Hollywood bus station and Vine!
Hazagerov broke pear -- there is only Polteva
With midriff (in the mud) worth Congo standing there and I

Turn to the Blondie girl titled Deborah Harry
And I kiss her once twice on the hairy cheek,
Govoruhin what cunt stood there in America?
Now I can't get married -- how he reached his peak (had to write Ark)

For desserts, Buffalo, Genia in spot coffee
But he didn't get there yet (he did) -- writing me of L'Wren
Dying because Mendez was diagnosed proper
To be my own girlfriend How is that for men?

I'm on the third floor (Let Go of Cheboksarova) Only save the Body
(Mihail Scherbakov)

August was ending, September was Aguzaroving,
Kim singing songs of a Dupree with Spitzer Carvering
And I, like coward, looked askance at my Anettochka --
Where are my instruments, "Romance?"  No killings, netochki...

She was so shrewly sagating me on the airshipper
But what is hereby happening?  I'm a foot worshipper --
One foot precisely in the grave, the other Stevensing?
I am impervious, I forgave, I am indevious!

The insurrectory Portwein by bardic make-shift fires
Forecast me singing Caroline, but not unrestfully
So they all thought that I forbade them the performances --
The ergo's waiting for you, Jade -- just sing your former songs...

If you're awaited at the jail, go there propitiously,
Bid them put hands on the third rail and exit vicious
Which I did instantly, but lost the inner-balancing:
LA is looking like a coast, when I get advancing...

From thence to psyche ward and stop jerk for the millenium
I fell again in love with Bjork -- that's inner plenium, (Agave, "Sezon dozhdej" "Ya im voli ne dam")
Estella Warren that's in Prague, standing for photoshoot
But she is lying, like "varyag" -- her feet in parachute...

Proschutto?  Hamstrings? lurid hip?  Sagatious bend behind?
Train catastrophy in Islip or the Turkmenishkaj!
Sings Kazimira that Tashkent...  The kashki kakayut,
I lost my only instrument -- "Deep Impact", Arbeit gut.

Analysis of Boston Stomachs (Girls')
(M. Scherbakov)

At first, I lived subliminally without a manifestation,
Crossed Sister Carrie with Bostonites -- excuse me, Bostonians
But after, after trepangs have won, I entered each deli ration
In Chinatown, and I read reviews of dishes by Tony's fans!

The dishes were curfew of a rock -- the rock cafe for the masses,
Devoid of franchise and underground, as Alice at M.I.T.
To whom giving guesting nude massage embarrassed but never asses --
She never turned around and displayed the usher part of the tee....

Embarrassingly, all the times have passed in Hollywood by Florida --
So Russians pronounce the trashy words denotating the vulkans...
Escuse me for inappropriate disservice to hotter-bigger...
I still don't have place to stay at, and pan cooks cakes in at Lowell, Mass.

How was the party, I predicted by lividly demagoguing
The Gog and Magog with the Gogol-mogul was mixed up as a mogul
But the main frustration was offices of such careering groggy
As in John Babbitt's novel Main Street and that is across the schull...

The rest is told by Tigress in pegnoir and Fast Times at Ridgemont...
Enrichment of the uranium took Genia out of NJ!
Enticement of debt-encompassment decompassed the camp abridgement
And compost became the main student diet displayed on their stomachs -- gray!

Let Earth Be Warm to Us
(M. Scherbakov)

Without a goal, a road, through vagaries of earth
We walk, a polyglot, in rut, of middle birth
And someone calls us nut, because of a degree
And this I can agree
But manakens -- but manekens -- are only glad and free!

We menstruate in blogs -- we frog down in squat rack
And we beseach our fucks because of a train wreck
In Chatsworth, where choefer was chatting on AOL
And girl wasn't doing well
But for one hundred passengers it was all living hell...

Surrender all your rights, the court Boca Raton;
We see flourescent lights from Corvettes by the bon
Bon candy store by canister of Lublu --
Who can buy that food glue?

It's my Michelle -- I'm doing well
Thank Brian for the crew...

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