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Rambler's Top100



Bad Moldavian Betraying a Senator (Reference Nord Ost) Stop this Insanity
(M. Scherbakov)

The half-day, the rail-station, the bureau -- all appropriate was there save two of us --
The queue, the curlicue, the rain, and the... straight line to Oredezh and Pavlovsk;
All passengers, without exception, knew their roles and arias in place, excluding us
As if a rare inventor mixed in us into an alien music coldless... 

Sowed to the word, glued into set -- to the buffet embellishments and modern radio-plethora of middle waves;
The rain drooped-eared, the day was debt
And yet no day meant more or was annointed to us more in collages and craves!

As if no body fallowed in our way, we were studying and disentangling
The tingling dissertation of desserts and horsedevoirs in that sequention;
We lied interrogatingly about who we were telling the biography
Of, in an intensive prerogative bestowed on us by doctors waiting!

Someone's display, ardor and greed
Was evidently seizing us by the awareness, that it can do in any flash! (We loved the Johnny Cash, kill a model)
Shyness will fade.  Pride will recede
But epithets have not dispersed, we did not vanish, we narrated our own trash...

The meteorite never fell on us, and never tumbled down the short intrigue,
The turtle-thoughted intertheories did not us integerly conquer!
The progress-incentived dispatcher didn't strike with verisimilitude of his critique
And languid unusurping vagary still seizes us, alone and tardive.

Verily now clinging to old, we favor and anticipate, ferver confirming and infinitesimal truth,
Reference tact, legalness, cold
And in the end, we ferry that the leper will give up his way of youth...


Sonatier, Distempered Sloganer, 2014.  Theoretical Bomb
(M. Scherbakov)

Has it actually happened?  Spots gave way to a purposed design;
Clueless, what it was apt on, has forfeited each trace of a line;
What was ferretting vainly blossomed stunningly within a glow
For the evening insanely it couldn't even low.

And today, it has gathered: being conformed to, and followed a path:
And the uselessness tethered and the vanity found it repast,
And it's hard to get faster at believing what happened to day
But literally yester all was leagues away.

And yet, yesterday rocky were relationships even at rest;
Capitally unlucky one was, feeling the worst and the best.
What variety of cards seemed to trump the antecedent ones
But the game fell to cowards and loss took on ponce.

The Financial sector was retreating, the treatment was deaf;
The Protection lost vector; and the code was of memory bereft
And the structure of on-view, voicing traitorship losing all fears,
From the shame and dishonor-you delved into tears!

Through the holes in the cordon, leaked away educational layer,
Through the holes in the ozone atmosphere was just oozing aglare,
Through the holes in the lawzone castigations were reaching their scope
Because nothing was awesomely kept on a rope.

Populace was savaging, cultured fare was discounted to swoon,
Noone anymore raging, about equipping  ski-packs at noon.
No one raved at the sunset to a river with reed to the toy:
You couldn't weep at the M-HAT or melt at Bolshoy...

The professional's dances were bespeaking themselves not awhole;
The rhyme-mongerer's stanzas were de-rhymestering out of control;
The clarinet virtuoso without happiness blew in the tube 
Because that's not what also was meant for Ice Cube!

The constructions-lace furnished were outshuddered by panel debris --
From the ferris of fortune there was nothing to look on, or pee!
And when casually it fathomed to attract a bechildrened step-in
The wheel wouldn't be liaisoned to any function;

And today, it got running, all the motionless started to revv,
Learned it all to the stunning, organized to deprave and to brave,
Stopped stagnating precisely, self-intuited the hidden force
And intuited wisely salvational course!

The cardplayer rebounded... azure skies have rekindled their face;
The faith-speaker and Christ-curse by the beach bonfire made an embrace
And the punishing organ, having guessed the approriate sign
Is responding sans auguring their knowledge turned fine...

The Guard-soldier repostured, crooked the doctor of arts, crafts and science
The earth-plower came urging  and evictingly plowed the old lines;
Architector came running and went drawing the Capitol gear;
The new vector is stunning, the new goal is clear.

Newly, dances and stanzas are embellishing lushly the courts
Where the olds knowing answers irrevocably give up the hoarse
And in hairy old basements the fresh youth doesn't yell, doesn't spit
For in reading commences prefers it to sit!

Everything heard a ruble.  Fell in love with just forming a row:
The Chef Pavel is brewing the dry fruit in a stagnant aglow,
And by instance, Chef Peter places margarine in semoline;
The cordons show a beater, Bolshoy -- Lohengrin.

And sugued without fainting, elocutional not resting place
Scowling, soughing and dainting he, who brought our new freedom disgrace
Realizes there's no one to be disputing over a debt
But it's not for him over to be arguing over that yet!

He is slashing with anger; is assuring his honor's at stake,
And the debts he does hanker to offer to God knows whom at wake,
With a deed, if not parcel, to pay men by the squat's second set --
So you go to that car, soul step in and pay-sweat.

The carsaunas, wayfarer, by the way are kept clean -- custom geared:
There you do have to pay her for the drinks and the service not feared.
There massaging you keptly, a young beauty will show you the welt,
And the credit card wetly will sink down her belt.

Maybe, steambaths will tell you to redubitate the old aplomb:
You were fleeing your failure but success is around the next bomb
And it's easy to jetzt get, even if Moscow's map is a maze;
Bridge's name is Kuznetsky and then it's crossways!

My congrats -- it has happened, revocated, and hence to the close
Unexhibiting latern, I'm informing the ladies and those --
Let them use the old hiccup to pass down to the end of purlieus:
Laying flowers by your knee-cap, imbibing the smoke-hose, endearing the heels.

прочтений: 2
раздел: верлибр
дата публикации: Jul 31, 2018

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