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Rambler's Top100




Why Water? "All blasted, All wasted" (Naked to the Waist) Except for a Mine-Shooter
(M. Scherbakov)

Cats are serene at night and the stipend's falling,
Cars are between the sheets and I lose control,
Lavary thrives on destitute, but I'm bawling
From the departure of him who knew to dole...

Voyage-forevisioned I banks of ancient Nilus,
Mercury was enthralling both banks or shores;
Much was harranging, washing the floors and while as
I stood and watched, the scaffolds were shaking pores...

Someone quiessent hoary was boarding bootleg
Interrogating vagary up-tempo!
Complexly he was thwarting the hairy Ludwig
Whereas sagacious Mozart sang Limpopo...

A crystal house madam with the chrysantemum
Stood by the wayside and inflagrated rock;
Others beleaguered were, but she earned my friendship
For percolating wisely "all run amok!"

DD combine machine there betook its virtue,
Stagnant forwater cringed and squeezed out a sock
And when theater of the darkside brought barter
The Misha Barton residue seized Montauk!

Ignorant, unsuspecting and antianxious
Barbiturate rejector and fragrant mind
Noticed all the tempestuous pregnant edges
Of the proceedings, but what is there behind?

Sadfully, rhodent locusts compared me facely
To the revolving message of what is real!
Who did more there and who waited the reester
Daniel Dafoe asked which for Webster keel!

Who will be swimming in precedented not to
Florida waters, dropped on a sinking boat
Took twenty years thereafter and molto tattoo
And traversied awareness of who that brought.

Cohabitation racially made matter
And unsuspecting I, having missed Fargo,
Was suicidal thoughtfully and embattered,
Songs of the South would much have retained me -- lo!

Dogs rescued maimed embellishments of the other,
Carnal and horny, vociferated, he
Fidgetted and Italian digids drowsily
Tailgated the insanity to the free


Mother Where Do I reside?  Fish Assassin (How Need Two?)
(Mikhail Scherbakov)

Reseda Avenue in San Fernando
Pornographismo Valley on a war
Gives out awards to high-five brothers dull now --
We need KFed out of that Kinko ward:

In Magadan is better diagnoses
Of noses, trumpets, toes and asses too
Especially when you have poor prognosis,
Clever by half and how-do-you-do...

McKinley left with Zhana Aguzarova,
Jean D'Ark ain't needed -- darkie bring it on
Onto the ferry going to the Zaro
Bread on Penn Station -- it is Brigham Young,

Worcoholism!  Gusar has died on wording:
There are some gays not everything is maize.
Kevorkian already is covorting
On Sylvester Stallone's gaze!

Is Pocahontas with Christobel Hunta?
Is tundra crying, is taiga motive,
How's Teagan Presley on Iosif doing -- 
Like Ashley Blue or better with throat strep?

Now the whole band will sem-intrep the column --
Can please the throng, but you can't please the song!
The Microsoft is wording out the problem,
Kevorkian right, Teresa wrong...

Cross Dresser
(Mikhail Scherbakov)

Insofar as no thing has happened to us duly
Unwaveringly we prioritize our prime,
Ain't sofa on the ring of boxing and presumely
Contumely forty lines, but not turned in in time!

The Latin epigraph foremerited and pictured
And we ask who else can, if not Okudzhava,
In Trenton help us bloke -- in Florida to lick sure
The famous people's ass -- think big, comment ca va!

The mountain subject gores our previous predilections,
Our stupor abnegates even a trip to the Wa
Presumely late at night to buy some donuts, condoms,
A salad and two pears, foregoing Ellen La

And after Google search indefinates the supine
Real forcement of relics -- endorphins are required
And what can we do for box on the cheek, smiling,
When the girl wants you red upon the tracks and wired?

Lenin and the stoveman presents a slew of chances
How not to braze a pond with your suicidal jump
Religiously baroque with unindulgent "can there
Be anything in life except somebody's dump?"

Commensurate with task a teacher calls the talent
The very opposite of what it can pursue
And melodrama thence ensues on Broadway's blatant
And innocent crosstreet: too late to be of u-

Se, and there's no criticism colloquially ever,
Too north and south normal, what's Maryland's New York
And we are in NJ and we just need an ally
To not asphyxiate on phantasies and jerk

And all that's left to us is difference Siberian
And all that us propels is three norms up a horse
And who us told the rest must as well be Rastafarian
For life is very short, but you can do much worse!

By the Train
(M. Scherbakov) 

I couldn't take off on wings, into the night, a rail; 
On time isn't happening, the sleep might well prevail 
But with day's blaze in coup -- wayfarer eats some food 
And says he knows the scoop: in hell he can burn good, 
Inferno taste as soul -- and touched by flames but whole. 

Bandana gives him ruds -- in wins he sees no fits: 
Some HQ base deprived him of some benefits... 
And he is heading there, from the Point M to N; 
In debt is every square and they'll be punished then! 
He waves the fists at night. He can't be helped, not quite... 

He knows, he's right, and dub -- in hell he's well appraised 
That to sow ashe and blood he wasn't prod by the base; 
That to badge up the trap and boot up an old toe 
He is from birth made hap. It don't take an auto... 
Wayfarer drinks, I'm near -- I'm stranded with bad fare. 

The night fades out with nought, as ashe and blood is shed -- 
I feel I've tied the knot but can't contain my sted: 
I wasn't born for prods, I haven't earned my burn 
But fare is all I've got -- wrong ticket not returned 
And right one not procured: I'm late and I can cure!

Th'Expense of Spirit in the Waste of Shame Lyuda
(Mikhail Scherbakov, 1993)

It is me not some crazy onlooker, and not somebody up there beside...
It is me, not the tenth -- not a hooker, not a he, not a she -- having died.
It is me, donkey, weeble, a weezel monkey-Bonkey; surrendering type,
Exponential salt, a specimen, an exhibit debunking the hype...

Who has said that a trainer has volume, a display has both hands and the feet!
Having tergiversated asylum, I explain I ain't facing defeat.
Who am I without documents heavy, giving hundreds of concerts for free? (Semen Semenych)
There's no red; when I hear When the levee breaks I look at my face, it's to be!

It's me, heavenly size or a wisely chosen weight -- it's not him, it's not it
Even if it's not me -- still precisely disillusioned, illusioning spit
It is me, from the cuvettes and trenches climbing whole, climbing free, climbing pure -- but rife
And thereafter announcing as wenches, that the art does not beg a tenure -- never theft, never life!

Lithium of beaurocracy dumb-faced, sitting next to me on the back seat
Whereas usually in front -- am I homeless, do I need to be derelict beat?
I'm disparaging such a nuances' plate, lotto, detonation and bomb,
Ghotti family, Gambino trances, better just Don Fannuci, you're dumb.  Imbecil, horrid scum!

Unsagacious hammer and anvil -- neither one, I am reasoning Bush,
It is me loving booty and navel, rather than operation and kush!
It is mine various-metered endeavor was begreeted by Tutanhamen.  --beats me!
It is me, whose favorite was never Dzhigarhanyan, whose first name's Armen!  --for this country is free! --

It is me shedding tears with no greater frequency, than fidelity kill,
It is me who can wait for the later -- not preserving a will, or a thrill;
It is me, fleeing talent, admiring innocuity's every caveat -- for tooth,
It is me, perspicating a tyrant not because he is keeping his seat -- but because he loves truth...

It is me, whose own face is a griddle of a Scherbakov -- call him that tar!
It is me, who likes face of a widow of a bard, and hangs her the guitar...
It is me when am drinking, am merry but not gay -- let the manuscripts burn in urn
Of mere being, when I still like Jim Carrey and I work out and when I my burn can't earn!

Hence come rats' colloquy in a subway, but of never the capital un-derground --
Abgemacht and I'm shooting a Sun Trail in some city down south, it's a sound.

The Shadow
(M. Scherbakov)

I've gotten used to a celibate shadow, observing no farther than a s-
Tep; the book is only a paper; a looking glass's but a glass.
In it a razing twin and submissive listener, full of pennance,
Fades, wouldn't be even blinking let alone drooling -- it was well as!

Yesterday, he did get tedious and attempted to please his appetite;
Didn't indulge or wasn't enticed by my elocutive tune --
Whereupon he shot out of the house to weigh, and compare, and happen,
All along with some new tunes what are they doing -- once in a moon!

Well it is not some show wagon for the new age, it's not always funny;
The hearing's waiting for a grandiloquent essence, a relic, tone --
You enjoy your rife walk, my sagacious echo, obsconding money,
Conquer the noise without laugh, if you don't find music -- just move along...

(That girl is annoying) Moribund

The brigant crowd has been dictating to ancient choirs some amiss-notes;
But the moment that something's athwart, speedy gracious, away and down,
With the choir, it's unbearable, while at the bottom, okay in distance --
Whether it's that or this way, akin and identically not fun.

I am dazzled and fading; my debut is lost and the benefit's needless,
Necessary now away from the stagings, to the dark silent prayer;
This way, that a way, broke some rules, barefoot bent some needles --
Time away from the searing acutest to dulling one, when it's bare...

With that abated ache, the care's art, but the maximum's two tablets --
Secong, and all the insane pain, and residual head-piece have flown away;
Hey you twin, when you do return from your intricate walking habits
Reinvent lackadaisically, how to thence occupy your day...

Any Lutein? The Barbell Fish for Bagdad (Absurdity, Lift a Barbell Like Vysotsky)
(Mikhail Scherbakov)

Came up to an endurance of the old chattel, surviving words,
Fish, bearing no pandurance is me affecting like all absurds --
Looking she is severely, unspeaking coarsely barely aglint!
Fish, why don't you say merely two words in purpose...  Alive asquint?

Callous and sharp for losses, I gathered gerunds -- gave up for tips...
Torrid poetic license withabnegated and looked stupid:
Foreign describing circles, I vision labor but feel astute
Fish, why don't you engurgle at least as sultry a prostitute?

Autumn... just simple falltide bizarres my senses... to the extreme,
Of constitution pallid someone on photo will glint and scream
Beaming it's not erotic but barely eros, as in a knave!
Fish, why our simbiotic forestalls a virtue but pushes crave?

My step will be enveigled by dirty billow in a penchant.
Why do our words finagle the utmost passions of a merchant?
Guesting at other houses the map forbids us and disallows!
Due to the autumn vouchers we lost our senses and lost our vows!

Autumn... bestows we're losers, confers we're ugly, insists we're small,
I feel I'm touching bosom but never vary in my parole,
Tepid mistakes of hunger, thoughts of impatience, feeling of verve,
Fish, why not carry longer you are alive and you are a perve?

Ajai, California Finally Anal, No Thanks to Lena
(M. Scherbakov)

Truly an instructor trainal, can't refrain net-gossamer weaving for the fut-
Ure, in a gay A-shirt, geisha following precisely from the concert to cashpeau
Rendezvous you can't refute
At the Red Square at 1 hour,
Whitsun weddings, Whitsun weddings, 5 min to prepare.

Au pair?

Enter poorly by ex-thrasher ridig Bridgit the epistolary Europe at all sides,
Rebentrop's on South Beach
In Miami, where it's dentured densely on the armyleader
And Adriana post-mortem
Any longer who's the lifter
On Fairmount

Pepper Pike now -- how I got there by Fellini, I cannot tergiversate
Too much stardust in hell, and Greenlandia mine
Keeps on lying to the tableau's
In the plane's tempestuous cabin,
Where Drakhixa has established
Her innocuous positions
And lies low

Are you slow?

Per Enflo, at the house dixiland is luridly sagating unto early close up shop
And the fear of laminating in lieu putting up succinctly, indivvying roots or closures, all the use
Technological advantages simply to help refuse
And an only Cindarella showing up to call you fella
And to lave you in Hecuba, and in Hollywood think Cuba
Cuba Gooding or's it maybe Forrest Whit-

aker, aker God's and Land's end later
On the other side of greater
I-5 road, than 415 there, as the Country of Cretinia
Breaks your bank


From here to kennel
Men all?

Oblong Stomach
(M. Scherbakov)

Odysseus is in bunker,
You wear a hot pullover.
My first album was a clunker --
But so was the Revolver...

D-Day was jocund protrusion,
And so was your first boyfriend.
'Twas Marshall Mathers' intrusion
Into the Genia's stipend...

Hyena Heine was reading,
Diana kept hygiene
But Stevens was born in Reading...
How well do wear I a jean?

My reputation in Germany
Rests on sagacious Cossacks,
But why, if you'ren't even horny,
Watch John Cusack, when he sucks?

Subpoena rent pays by spinal
Insuicidities, where
John Updike so anti-vynill
Sees Woody Allen each year!

And so the psychee delusion
Pays for the psyche hospital
But you don't ask how is Lutian
Good Mikhail husband Tal!

(At any rate, whence the phlegma?
Who'll blood transfusions forgive?
There's nothing haughty at Wegman's --
Panera Bread is a sieve...

For what terrain is that complex?
Just don't hit cones when you drive.
Chuck Norris Fenways the dark Bronx,
McGiver cannot mcgive!)

Don't tell them you've earned a revue --
You seem so marital, why?
Tell 'em that you are my nephew,
Though it's a verital lie.

As the sea czar at the tripod,
Grab straight the rifle, and that
I am a madman with ipod --
That's my affair, tit for tat!

Natasha Surpassed Expectation, Showing a Leg, Finding a Suit, Breaking Nose (Probably a Scumbag; Doesn't Know Latin)
(M. Scherbakov)

Indigene, native bastard, you can't live as a man
Using progeny the word, smelling canny --
Unhabitually something is athwart, as it can
Tomorrow maneken and out of tan!

Let's say last morning

Both familial you bronze adhered to wrists with the snap,
And for entrance stashed a hundred (in rubles)
But in a trolleybus trammed and swung through stop with a nap
And Tred'yakubskaya obsconded trap!

It's not you, last night, up worthy two-half steps -- that is here
From profundities where wardrobe serves eat
Married easel afficionado Natali propped,
Excursioner, a prof esthete.

Just note the spelling, stupid.

Thank the golly egad Mormon, it's no Morton you rapped,
Unchiefdeputied and thence unKarasined;
Bloked fruit fellows, blogged the cosinus and nose broke entrapped,
Saw Katja Kassin and forgot you're taped.

Horrendous Fellow!

Toes on Lazarus prep concert indivvying Pepboy,
A detective has to be by Vysotsky
But as far as indignations, jealousies, Chips Ahoy,
You're merely nascent, heading for Bolshoy.

Atrophy is more by brains than muscular -- give and go --
Ain't forgiving it upon the last concert:
Did some Stairclimber, forgot Charlize Theron, showed a toe,
Set up the victuals, and bestowed lotto!

Yes you did, Master!

Well, Natasha didn't keep the old diurnal in Prague,
Studied Latin in the Greek of Hungary
And as far as the Vysotsky of the seventy-five,
There's Glengary Glenn Ross and that is prive-

at, as Woodman Pierre is private -- but forgetting the socks
For James Bond is an insane requisition,
There is Henry James correcting, William Butler... Reikstags
And Tiger Woods, that's merely guten tag!

Without turnstyles and the vodka, without virgins and rock,
Without using such a word as Dupree
You'll return from California a stolid prom sock,
But you say firm, when simply up for stalk...

Steaks that Natali is eating send Aurora to hill,
Ashley Blue wants Scherbakov on a table
And as far as Karen Lancombe, she is dead if you will
That makes you evil on my concert bill

Consider prizes

But when you are on a transport, don't knock windows straight in --
Bend it sideways and a little but thigh-ward
Otherwise my Natali, like a bird, will begin
The Beguine sizing and master routine --

Egomaniacs are drizzling, make a scene, show a toe
But a trainer only teaches Aikido
Otherwise, there will be too much envy in sportlotto,
Hammer and anvil will die long ago!

Quality of Surgeons From Dreary West (Curled Tail)
(M. Scherbakov)

To live this way -- why do you need old drudgery?  It's all slogans and a dictation;
Shakespeare is deaf; Pushkin's black!
Back from the crib, mama's tempted me -- not straight to target, but missing...
Mama, train a child to stop harrassing -- crying -- embarrassing cowards and then certainly, do buy him a good bike
For forty years and urge onward to "take a hike".

In sleep all night I saw money,
Ripped flat my eyes -- walking drowsily.
Where is the money?  The music sucked I slept to warmly, but wetly...
Mama, teach the child to swim on wake up, there increasing his awakening caution, not to breathe when dead or underwater -- then your bag
And buy a vessel, what the hack!

Bing cherries in yard -- in kinship, kin; cosmos if you add metric from the hedges takes straight a that-a-way.
Is that what hankered you hunkering down?  you, incapacious children, nobody'll ask neither this nor that time.
Help not just anybody, they say, and if you don't love to move, don't!
No matter what I've comprised and hoodwinked to adventure on some money, nothing seems as is or come back not to strangle me on neck,
And whither money?  What the heck!

All bad's from music, and evil too -- educated it's venom, I'd long fell deaf with a restitution
On both ears, even if one is off -- listerine, if you sing along, will send cartelway with a cherry...
A sandbag-looking pursued by gun, that popped the heart out -- and filliped...
Mama, you can't teach a child to fly, void your account -- in a veracity to kill! it's all in vain,
But don't indulge in an airplane.

Remember Wolf? Shit in my Mouth, not My Pants
(M. Scherbakov)

Where are you now, the pedestrian barefish?
Barrels are void, tiderush is fair...
Fishtide geseungt it is oafish or lavish
You're in a den or in a lair.

As for me, having geared fair licences in aggression
I drag an empty driftnet up to the sultry shore.
However mine -- none's -- shore won't divvy away from me on,
So I can not pretend that I've much store!

Daintily countried-in, rooted, entrenched and resistant,
Local potato salt reached me by knees.
I know the local speech so indepth, in an instant
No aborigine will tell would you please!

But by the Mech embraced or bearskin, or deerskin deftly,
Sunny drifts duty shifts by, I go up to the board
Of insagacious ads or ludicrous dollyorders --
Can there be anything where I'm abhorred?

Electorate, fish's no longer in mention:
Wherever yes, there is no truce!
Anew now in my box, there's tomorrow's dictation
Not to oppress, but to produce...

Give him a hairy dose somnolences without treason;
Unmadagascar corner, furniture for the cane:
Let him impress himself as feeling here without reason
Is he a guest, can he remain?

Daily, nocturnally, gavel with sentence...
Sheets are amusing, cold is control.
Rustle inveigles me down nobody's commencements --
Local the salt, local console!

Never've I droned myself as either a guest or nephew --
All merely simply favors and curtinaceous gifts!
The News forget to change, but nails rattle in Nepenthe!
Local assortment by the gavel's thrift...

Anaconda, Nat Pinky, Reason for Doctor? Armageddon, Have Nothing to To With Her
(Mihail Scherbakov)

Not one of us has known, by way of Deborah Harry,
Hugh Hefner's feather quit and esplanada fan.
Faux Pas onset with horns, when we were gathering very
Pechorin-like in hut and shackly called him man.

Defective detective effectively prospective
Affected the fuite de point Allain Deloin --
Ben Affleck of J.Lo. and Damon Matt of rective
Exam -- the art is craft.  The xylophone is mine.

There Emily Dickinson infected Randall Jarrell,
And Raymond Chandler dwelled by Ernest Hemingway.
Touched hams, a needle took, Jill Kelley made a harem.
Concert at the GG, Sang Humbert It's My Way.

Let's shag, Nat Pinkerton, Tareytons smother Red Bull,
Beats mother at the bull, wins Israel to jail.
Slang myocardian with Sasha who's incredible...
Slim Shady in a bog, the younger one, I snail.

And everybody to each other crying Stella
Toliatti in, Murmansk, Isle Coney and Norilsk --
That's Al Capone's sin to send the Muse Goodfella --
Old Gale you can't reuse, A.Jain just like a frisk.

And manna in Maryan Mar by Bryn Mar and Mount Holyoke
Resorts to Bodaibo the theorem of Euclid.
Enclave of Bonnie Clyde, ingrate of cliches rolfing,
Extracurricular in sewers I include.

Konotop Hande Hoch (Ed Coch's Favorite Train Station, Touching His Crotch, Caryl Emerson)
(Mikhail Scherbakov) Three weeks in, Scherbakov is liberated, from disquietude

No forcements became needed for the rooftops,
The whip isn't whistling with Aqualung --
Rock album from terrace.  The powers don't need your moribund stupors,
And gestures resolve in a signature one
Although, in reality, it too is done

For.  Liberated you are, and not dangerous parolee,
Early death isn't threatening, intermission
Qualifies useful to someone fashionable,
Voracious, but not impassionable
And if you just wink, you'll know Larisa Gershon.

Megan Fox provocates impassuity,
Private we are no longer, wherever we want!
Time and space is confused to each other Pogutin-like
Singing the Okudzhava... As if it is cunt;
Throw the map over border, pronounce Yves Montan-d.

Master Grisha resounds on one toe inconspicuously,
Novella Matveeva flex Sonic Youth!
You meet a ts chinese, blonde (great vacuity)...
You hand her two dollars and quarter, she enters you;
You leave unbegotten and think you've compute...

Computer that's bought you strains neck to vacuity,
Song written three weeks earlier mellows the way...
Triggering memories of Timur and ego komanda --
What are you gonna say about the Fish called Wanda?
Give away your systemic whore.  Timur Shaov, hey!

Winter in Govoruhin's House, Who Blue Houdini?
(Mihail Scherbakov)

As in the timid old, and free mountain municipality
Borrowed on money of city prozaced
You undeclamorously forget how many latches stalk you yet
From the bear visit late to that squat rack.

Who'll fix my nose?

Getting evicted you are not, bandit or Verdict movie hot
Shot or a simply beauty pot, cutie --
What are you doing with your time, except Kevorkianing rhyme?
TV is playing, it's not prime dutifully...

Who forgave all?

Cellphones are scarying all the folk from Maurice Baring old baroque
Pushkin translation of a fog VV!
It's actually a suing time for the pursuing in his prime
Bringham Young grad ensuing crime -- vitaminly...

How do you do it?

Now the old heeler crossed the hatch in frog position of a latch;
Now he no longer understands scaffold...
Rhymes like the same l'amour toujours bring an old woman to the cure
Band, but not actually dour Beowulf!

Why hit my face now?..

Abacuum, Armpits (Sorry)
(M. Scherbakov)

The year 2013 drew by a close --
The Moscow subway took me from 3 railways --
During the holidays into Cheremushki;
Through the indifferent sphere, no longer mine --
Where the street-sweeper pummelled drive-ways, whom none knows --
But once was colorful and now's no comfort;
The work amounts were given strictly by the key
Constituent so sordid -- there's no line!

Night and day, the hairy ashes flitter, through the scope
Of rooves and fissures -- exits and apertures...
Beat to the pollen, to an honest resident
Instructing vitally: catch your percent.
Your bucket will bequeath no space for how I hope
And I won't stoop to relic of a verdure,
You, sweeper, could variagate your assignment
And in the depth write essays paying rent!

You could be, at the truly least, excising sheet
And clean up stuff assiduously combing --
You could even take a vacation and replete
Your old abode back home with what you've earned!
Your conspicuity entirely, makes me beat;
I see you driveling and not welcoming!
I was ensaddling an old line straight to her feet
Who made me sing and eve not to be scorned.

But -- not looking back, I must be singing of the sour
Who will get barely weekdays back to order,
Who has to hassle to a meet in outer space
Not being afraid to drown, in what will come;
But, from the metro, there's another half-an-hour
To pass a sale and slowly cross the border...
To where again my good old Moscow I can face
And then eschew the roughness of its throng.

But -- not bewildered -- or yet savage Moscovite
Puts the refuse for simple blokes, and tells them:
Here's my endowments, they are measured to my size,
My sizy salary and all the rest...
The year went forward and the petards burst the night --
The sweeper stood, not vanguishing his emblems,
Looking astonishingly suave upon my wise
And hairy features, spazzy as the best...

Fuck to You
(M. Scherbakov)

Then and thereon whenon and where you schedule,
Oh heaven, to be living us again,
Will you instruct us sing but note the pendule
Between those stars we never can restrain?

Beginning from nil to the optic glasses,
The scan of heights as presently and thus
Not secret key, but the sword of Damocles
Will we find there again, for us?

Today -- tomorrow -- to be gaining speechly,
By borrowing, we have to no one's tune
Maybe, but with the taste and salt for beachthemes,
And few have left, not having paid the loon!

But when tomorrow, our tautologismi
You notice, heaven, meet us not with "seems"!
Let us not sink in dark rays of your gizmi --
Let's not burn up in shallow beams!

Oh star's Habsade -- tight gossamer's material,
When to the shadows flesh and blood will come
Teach us, from get-the-go, how to eat sereal
And not be serial as a hired gun...

Sacrilege us of heavenly protection,
Retain the hymns but forgo the relay.
Let it get sooner to us -- than infection
Of stately bread for daily day!

Asking for Training, But Demands Success
(M. Scherbakov)

Except there may be a cup extra
From Richard Gere, the damning pester
Of an old girlfriend in reester?

You can't reenter the old waters,
You have to banter what is Godard's
Investment in the "srednij vozrast".

Incest!  Two roads, tobacco grinding --
A dandy making the obsconding
Steppaths on Path train to the one ding! 

He knew, that in the night obliquely
I'll be extracted like a meakly
Aggrieved fly, consoling weakly!

Thought I that hearts aren't had by oldsters
Severe and lying, with upholsters
But what are lobsters, if there're floorstars?

They're busy, as they catch the splinters
With falling under in the hinders;
They'll burn and blow away the cinders!

Of this I, percolating snidely,
Thought and preponderated widely
But what occurred was far beside me.

The old instructed me, be wary;
We see that you can't other marry
Or wise be, when you're looking scary!

Bat-mitzvahed, if you're feeling Yankee
Your stunts and antics, hanky-panky
Will rib with till, commanding lanky...

And if old said to get a tenure,
Forget the Soviet, change the venue
Never do such a thing again, you!

Tomorrow, carry elocution
Of feisty job to a fruition,
Melodious, you'll be on a mission...

We'll give you place, as you can bear it,
You'll make it look insane and married
Or Captain Cooke will have you buried.

While at all's whole in it, and wholesome
The service must be like a person
Observing it, that's not coercing.

But if the service doesn't watch it
It must be wretched and not turgid...
There'll be another one emergent.

John Barryman
(M. Scherbakov)

That is the whole of content, that the dark and grim shady quiet
Is not a stipulation on the speech, but it stimulation.
But hotter than imaginary words beneath boots and voices
Are Bishop, CA's beetles Sycorax and sick of the Rex dog!

Akinshina Tatiana elephant descants and besmirches,
The Mars is not to speak of as a ball, the sphere is terrestrial!
Unmeasured in Great Britain sycophant in truth loves all churches,
And birches to the urchins give loufah -- forgotten the candles...

Clint Eastwood two-lane blacktop unprefers by face of Berdyaev,
I am alone and cultivating all my roots here and now now;
A verst is but beef-strogannoff in hell, it's urgent to plan blog
On all the kneecaps, sinuous clavicles and traps worth encapping!

The springtide to the Georgia comes in rogues, and just try the driving
Exam on pallet elsewise on pallette, the pellet gun trying
Beset, whence all the archives and behests in Eurasia's thriving
Vicinity and modesty of goal to feed all and crime all!

The Lucobrazi never read Speak, Memory -- hence extinguished,
The unseen glass -- uma-to palata -- pay, thug, for the training.
Godfather 3 brought back the preternatural plan -- Extraterrestrial!
I'm not unfaithful -- only want to have one fuck with the pornstar!

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