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Rambler's Top100



Mother Where Do I reside?  Fish Assassin (How Need Two?)
(Mikhail Scherbakov)

Reseda Avenue in San Fernando
Pornographismo Valley on a war
Gives out awards to high-five brothers dull now --
We need KFed out of that Kinko ward:

In Magadan is better diagnoses
Of noses, trumpets, toes and asses too
Especially when you have poor prognosis,
Clever by half and how-do-you-do...

McKinley left with Zhana Aguzarova,
Jean D'Ark ain't needed -- darkie bring it on
Onto the ferry going to the Zaro
Bread on Penn Station -- it is Brigham Young,

Worcoholism!  Gusar has died on wording:
There are some gays not everything is maize.
Kevorkian already is covorting
On Sylvester Stallone's gaze!

Is Pocahontas with Christobel Hunta?
Is tundra crying, is taiga motive,
How's Teagan Presley on Iosif doing -- 
Like Ashley Blue or better with throat strep?

Now the whole band will sem-intrep the column --
Can please the throng, but you can't please the song!
The Microsoft is wording out the problem,
Kevorkian right, Teresa wrong...


Рыдай, труба, над морем и прибоем!
Прощальный наш трубя привет волнам,
в кочевье посуху своим ты воем
напутствуй нас. И впредь сопутствуй нам.

Ничья родня, дельфиньи побратимы,
материка достигшие в ладье,
большой землёй теперь должны пройти мы —
и выйти вновь к большой воде.

Вот-вот замрёт музыка брызг и пены,
затмит глаза разлука с синевой.
Но наших странствий ты, труба, напевы
на здешний лад, коль сможешь, перевой.

Весьма всерьёз мы в лес идём медвежий,
где редок луч, ленив и робок звук —
и как бы нет обоих побережий.
Но есть молва о них, о двух.

Молве ли той, туземцу ли в вигваме
морской акцент берёмся мы привить?
Не уставай, труба. Напето нами
обильно впрок. Всего не перевыть.

Вот-вот отряд построится в колонны
для долгих вёрст и трудного труда.
Глаза темны. Движенья экономны.
Ничья родня. Лиха беда.

The Interpretation of Luka Mudischev Chem luchshe Francisca? necessity of writing SSNB and the choice of New Egypt (Mikhail Scherbakov) You think it was all you? Who in the crypt?  My production is low (Low Out)

Thank God unprimordial, you think the weather better,
All forget Lolita, reading English poetry,
The old Ralph Vader
B'yot schyochki;

To the fund museum of eternal recollection
Let's bequeath old senses, but forswear the memoirs
I have earned dances
From your scars

And the scars, in the old English sense of the apertures
I.e. precipices, feeds them feces up their throats
That's why the churches
Sell both boats.

Who agrees with horrors, constipates the entire traffic,
No one makes onto abstract theater in an hour:
Nam delat' nefig
With guitar...

What's the grand importance of epistolary hounddog?
Vouchcasing its owner and fonviziting museum
I go to Montauk
Not the gym

That's because police of Scotland Yard is not policing:
Queen Kate truncates everything, including her name Cate;
I'm ceasing creasing,
You can wait!


Слава тебе Господи, хорошая погода!
Полная свобода, хочешь - трезвость, хочешь - хмель.
Важна метода, а не цель.

Можешь превзойти прилежно все науки мира,
много знать не вредно. Но зачем из кожи лезть?
Прочти Шекспира, там всё есть.

Глянуть, как, под бритвой пенясь, хлынет кровь из вены, -
может, и не слишком страшно, но изрядно жаль.
Поменьше пены - вот мораль.

Промыслу не смей перечить, либо - выйдет драма.
Верха над Судьбою не возьмёшь, мотай на ус:
она не дама, ты не туз.

Если отключили кислород, дыши азотом -
медленно, не часто и не всласть, не для души,
с закрытым ротом - но дыши.

Если ж осенят тебя блаженство и отрада -
знай, что дело плохо, и скорей беги к врачу!
Да нет, не надо, я шучу...

Сплюнь, когда услышишь, будто новый Мефистофель
якобы похож en face на ангела. Всё ложь:
Он даже в профиль не похож.

А когда войдёшь в розарий, нежный, как молитва, -
вспомни о шипах, пред тем как розы рвать рукой:
на то и бритва, милый мой.

Слава тебе Господи, погода - хуже нету!
Сяду, что ль, в карету да поеду, вдаль кося,
мораль по свету разнося.

Конец куплету. Песня вся.

Martyr after Marty
(Mikhail Scherbakov)

Got myself into let down, luridly, as before... became so green beladen, azure, iguana whore...
Ramadan width and bravery lost, wasted for the thighs... brought myself into lavary, lowered myself from skies!..

Knit silverware and laundry from Steven Silverstein -- became aloof and tawdry from week on old Grandstein!
Clandestein biological beauty forwent for yes, panache plumage portier spoiled and got good at chess.

Pot got me stolid-looking, Stalinesque in Lithuan! thorns iguana's cooking (convergence of the twain)
Concierge Mark Twain pre-booking, forced me to lave in Seine -- Thomas not even looking, Mann isn't even sane...

Matriarchy begetting Brendel upon the keys I understood that heaven only exists on Keys;
Tanks are perusing Moscow, the emperor is deaf, bobsleigh looks good fiascoed, I love Saddam Hussein.

Igumen montage pasties tasty as those in Butte Montana for the "hasty" told me I've earned rebuke;
Lemon was languid useless, sugar the treats were good, Union Square took truth as pastry, and I withstood...

Skillet at lagoon island took over the bonfire... Brooke Shields was standing smiling, train A forestalled a spire,
Pozner took on excursion, showed me the sauna Finn, next time, in a coercion sushi, ate some bluefin!

Touched calves in a delusion not to be transcended, stroked calfs with some confusion for them to look stupid,
But show the arse in favor of diagnosing ass! what is his novel labor? It's just to live as is.

Hovel Nobel Matveev gifted as the key word, went to perform in Kiev, entered Whole Foods, oh lord.
Where is my girl Jane Fonda, when I'm exactly cleared to exercise in fondu (pilates with a beard)?

Oh, let's not have a party with Malvo at the helm we can invite the hearty Bieber to bring some elm,
Stand under it enraging both with Gomez and self... circumcision's for staging or am I 'n imbecil?

Poe for self-aggrandizement, ludicrousness for gift... Richmond for tithe enticement, Farrow give me a lift,
Bella -- forget the stalkers Fazil obscond the frets! Adams Height is for gawkers in Los Angeles. Let's!

The Key
(Boris Slutsky)

I had a room with a separate entrance,
I was single and lived alone.
And every time I had such a penchant,
I brought acquaintances to that room. 

My comrades lived with their mothers-in-law
And wives who looked like their mothers: plain, 
Too fat, too skinny, too ponderous,
Tired and habitual as rain.

Each year growing older by a year,
Bearing children (sons and daughters)
The wives were becoming symbols of despair,
Statues of shortages and long lines.

My comrades loved their wives.
They asked me, more and more often:
Why don't you get married, you proud ass,
What do you know about family comfort? 

My comrades did not love their wives.
They favored girls whose arms were young, 
Whose eyes were so blue that if once
You sank into them, you fell like a stone.

I was squeamish (you recall that, I assume)
But I never asked stupid questions then.
I just offered them the key to that room.
They asked – and I gave it to them.

Andropov Dead, What Are We Doing? (Didn't Fix the TV, Gave Earboxes)  I Am Your Daddy

As in the timid old, and free mountain municipality
Borrowed on money of city prozaced
You undeclamorously forget how many latches stalk you yet
From the bear visit late to that squat rack.

Who'll fix my nose?

Getting evicted you are not, bandit or Verdict movie hot
Shot or a simply beauty pot, cutie --
What are you doing with your time, except Kevorkianing rhyme?
TV is playing, it's not prime dutifully...

Who forgave all?

Cellphones are scarying all the folk from Maurice Baring old baroque
Pushkin translation of a fog VV!
It's actually a suing time for the pursuing in his prime
Bringham Young grad ensuing crime -- vitaminly...

How do you do it?

Now the old heeler crossed the hatch in frog position of a latch;
Now he no longer understands scaffold...
Rhymes like the same l'amour toujours bring an old woman to the cure
Band, but not actually dour Beowulf!

Why hit my face now?..

* * *

Не забывал бы ты зимы, не раздавал кругом взаймы,
не толковал бы нараспев складно.
Ты накопить бы денег мог, чтобы купить второй замок
и замыкался бы, как мы — на два.

Мало ли что.

Ни нараспев, ни наотрез, ни полуслова, как исчез,
ни карандашной на полях меты.
А не шутил бы ты с огнём, мы у потёмок за окном
не вопрошали бы теперь: где ты?

Мало ли что.

Может, не весь досмотрен кров, может, расшит не каждый шов
или разогнуты не все сгибы.
Мы бы заверили в суде справку о том, что ты нигде,
но не поверили суду мы бы.

Мало ли что.

Вот и доносчик бит плетьми, но не исчез и вновь с людьми.
Высохла плаха и опять взмокла.
Незачем к нам тебе сюда, к приговорённым без суда,
Всё на потёмки лишь глядеть в окна.

Мало ли что.

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дата публикации: Jul 22, 2018

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