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Rambler's Top100



Mea Culpa... Got Her by Wizard
(M. Scherbakov)

Except there may be a cup extra
From Richard Gere, the damning pester
Of an old girlfriend in reester?

You can't reenter the old waters,
You have to banter what is Godard's
Investment in the "srednij vozrast".

Incest!  Two roads, tobacco grinding --
A dandy making the obsconding
Steppaths on Path train to the one ding! 

He knew, that in the night obliquely
I'll be extracted like a meakly
Aggrieved fly, consoling weakly!

Thought I that hearts aren't had by oldsters
Severe and lying, with upholsters
But what are lobsters, if there're floorstars?

They're busy, as they catch the splinters
With falling under in the hinders;
They'll burn and blow away the cinders!

Of this I, percolating snidely,
Thought and preponderated widely
But what occurred was far beside me.

The old instructed me, be wary;
We see that you can't other marry
Or wise be, when you're looking scary!

Bat-mitzvahed, if you're feeling Yankee
Your stunts and antics, hanky-panky
Will rib with till, commanding lanky...

And if old said to get a tenure,
Forget the Soviet, change the venue
Never do such a thing again, you!

Tomorrow, carry elocution
Of feisty job to a fruition,
Melodious, you'll be on a mission...

We'll give you place, as you can bear it,
You'll make it look insane and married
Or Captain Cooke will have you buried.

While at all's whole in it, and wholesome
The service must be like a person
Observing it, that's not coercing.

But if the service doesn't watch it
It must be wretched and not turgid...
There'll be another one emergent.

Scherbakov's America Reinstates Evenk, Split-hooves Ostroumova
(M. Scherbakov)

The year 2013 drew by a close --
The Moscow subway took me from 3 railways --
During the holidays into Cheremushki;
Through the indifferent sphere, no longer mine --
Where the street-sweeper pummelled drive-ways, whom none knows --
But once was colorful and now's no comfort;
The work amounts were given strictly by the key
Constituent so sordid -- there's no line!

Night and day, the hairy ashes flitter, through the scope
Of rooves and fissures -- exits and apertures...
Beat to the pollen, to an honest resident
Instructing vitally: catch your percent.
Your bucket will bequeath no space for how I hope
And I won't stoop to relic of a verdure,
You, sweeper, could variagate your assignment
And in the depth write essays paying rent!

You could be, at the truly least, excising sheet
And clean up stuff assiduously combing --
You could even take a vacation and replete
Your old abode back home with what you've earned!
Your conspicuity entirely, makes me beat;
I see you driveling and not welcoming!
I was ensaddling an old line straight to her feet
Who made me sing and eve not to be scorned.

But -- not looking back, I must be singing of the sour
Who will get barely weekdays back to order,
Who has to hassle to a meet in outer space
Not being afraid to drown, in what will come;
But, from the metro, there's another half-an-hour
To pass a sale and slowly cross the border...
To where again my good old Moscow I can face
And then eschew the roughness of its throng.

But -- not bewildered -- or yet savage Moscovite
Puts the refuse for simple blokes, and tells them:
Here's my endowments, they are measured to my size,
My sizy salary and all the rest...
The year went forward and the petards burst the night --
The sweeper stood, not vanguishing his emblems,
Looking astonishingly suave upon my wise
And hairy features, spazzy as the best...

* * *

Разве что залпом лишний кубок, 
сколько-то сверх пайка покупок – 
собственно, вот и весь проступок. 

Сладко шипело в кубке зелье, 
вышло не без греха веселье – 
собственно, вот и всё везенье. 

Ибо едва вкусил я мёду, 
к чёрному был готов исходу, 
сам на себя открыв охоту. 

Знал, что в ночи забывшись глухо, 
буду изловлен я, как муха. 
Грешнику поделом и мука. 

Думал, что сердца нет у старших, 
выдержанных, седых, уставших. 
Некогда им жалеть отставших. 

Заняты тем, что власть имеют, 
вряд ли они понять сумеют. 
Испепелят и прах развеют. 

Я о таком (а то и строже) 
много слыхал и ждал того же. 
Но получилось не похоже. 

Старшие мне сказали: ладно. 
Видно, что самому досадно. 
Значит, не будет впредь повадно. 

Смолоду всяк впадал в проделки. 
Всюду в пути развилки, стрелки, 
метки, зарубки редки, мелки. 

Правую спутал метку с левой, 
дал слабину, пленился девой – 
больше так никогда не делай! 

Завтра же заступай на должность, 
выкажи там опять надёжность. 
Вовремя приходи – найдёшь нас. 

Место тебе дадим по силам, 
сделаешь нам его красивым. 
Требует место быть не сирым. 

Цело ли всё на нём и цельно, 
служба должна следить прицельно. 
Собственно, тем оно и ценно. 

Если за ним не смотрит служба, 
вовсе оно тогда не нужно. 
Пасмурно там всегда и вьюжно. mi

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раздел: гражданская лирика
дата публикации: Jul 17, 2018

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