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Rambler's Top100



Mallory Doll, Galya's a Cosmopolitan, Majorca
(M. Scherbakov)

You recall how it would happen --
Everything would gall and pecker:
Sun, gone up as if to reckon,
Was becoming a homewrecker
And when downed it you phoned: Come on --
(The facility isn't "stated") --
Come, and state me we're zusammen;
Tell me that the sun had made it --

And I wiggled, toppling over
And sagated without measure,
And, sedated, did not cover
Recompensing state the treasure --
Syncopated like medusa,
Jellyfish, in other nations --
As if "outie" was in USA,
Singled, Hallilujoration.

Chris departed to Hawaii,
To Departure I reparted,
Vive la partie broke the party --
Broke paries and Paris farted,
Pasties took the Butte (Montana)
By the big horns of Trolleybus
But Wyoming's style of tanner
Gave John Tanner exegesis,

Later duping was agrarian,
Lesser-featured ingmarbergmaned
Horsemaned, musical, Bavarian
And bovine only in James Woods;
The unmarried John Travolta --
Hundred volts in the deep-throaters --
But at a somnolent corner
The whole circle turned disjointed.

And a black wind into my face
Flew and asked, can I speak Russian?
For the cafe pot was... why laced?
It's Hawaii in a nutshell.
A bison abused my senses --
Mensa's scholar threw me out of
Au bon pain in Harvard. Sensus?
I don't think I am a coward...

(Brigant choir attested weakly --
Billiard is worth prolonging --
And we started meeting weekly,
By the ring of Nebelungen;
Billy turned down money request --
The Rhein flew, crossing with the Seine,
Multiple sclerosis, Rigas.
The word Russian is rasseyanyj...

Just upon the fall of precipice
I acknowledged I'd been hoodwinked
And attested, what a crevice,
But did not reduce the movement...
I just felt an enervation (enervation is a crime!)
And with threat, unmeaningfully,
I yelped -- Hallilujoration,
But it was already too late!--)

(It is the word pejorative that hurts... When the Levee Breaks)

Those transcendental ablations,
Dental Tamerlans and armblends,
That dictate the deviations
And unsupinespine the timelines
Set to sickle me and swagger --
Because synonyms went viral --
By the diagonal waggle
Down the microscopic spiral.

And up to the last exhorbitant
Unascorbic moral hurdle --
I did not re-enter orbit...
But I recall how you warbled
And if to return, persuasion
Marks me dulcet in a corset --
Let my juncture of occasion
Methodize me at your door-step:

Abelcained, and caned in apple
I will find myself at the birth --
And let God then seize my laple:
You did not translate like Sieburth;
You did not take to welbutrin
And I'll say, you're a sensation
But there will be retribution
Classic, Hallilujoration...

прочтений: 1
раздел: стихи для детей
дата публикации: Jul 9, 2018

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