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Rambler's Top100

Little Malia, The Woman on the Dump, WORTH ENGRAVING


Old-Russian Longing, BG
(Mikhail Scherbakov) glad, my glands are removed

Got myself into let down, luridly, as before... became so green beladen, azure, iguana whore...
Ramadan width and bravery lost, wasted for the thighs... brought myself into lavary, lowered myself from skies!..

Knit silverware and laundry from Steven Silverstein -- became aloof and tawdry from week on old Grandstein!
Clandestein biological beauty forwent for yes, panache plumage portier spoiled and got good at chess.

Pot got me stolid-looking, Stalinesque in Lithuan! thorns iguana's cooking (convergence of the twain)
Concierge Mark Twain pre-booking, forced me to lave in Seine -- Thomas not even looking, Mann isn't even sane...

Matriarchy begetting Brendel upon the keys I understood that heaven only exists on Keys;
Tanks are perusing Moscow, the emperor is deaf, bobsleigh looks good fiascoed, I love Saddam Hussein.

Igumen montage pasties tasty as those in Butte Montana for the "hasty" told me I've earned rebuke;
Lemon was languid useless, sugar the treats were good, Union Square took truth as pastry, and I withstood...

Skillet at lagoon island took over the bonfire... Brooke Shields was standing smiling, train A forestalled a spire,
Pozner took on excursion, showed me the sauna Finn, next time, in a coercion sushi, ate some bluefin!

Touched calves in a delusion not to be transcended, stroked calfs with some confusion for them to look stupid,
But show the arse in favor of diagnosing ass! what is his novel labor? It's just to live as is.

Hovel Nobel Matveev gifted as the key word, went to perform in Kiev, entered Whole Foods, oh lord.
Where is my girl Jane Fonda, when I'm exactly cleared to exercise in fondu (pilates with a beard)?

Oh, let's not have a party with Malvo at the helm we can invite the hearty Bieber to bring some elm,
Stand under it enraging both with Gomez and self... circumcision's for staging or am I 'n an imbecil?

Poe for self-aggrandizement, ludicrousness for gift... Richmond for tithe enticement, Farrow give me a lift,
Bella -- forget the stalkers Fazil obscond the frets! Adams Height is for gawkers in Los Angeles. Let's!


Cooked an Egg Woody Allen North by Northwest; Playing Trumpet (Antihystamines)
(M. Scherbakov)

Actually, I'll be helping myself forto:
For the inclement weather -- I will store tobacco --
Black days will find consoling -- head will distract with goo:

Many there, will you wait, joyfulnesses if thief?
For the inclement weather, cognac is all I leaf!
There will be at the very least where to drown my grief...

Memory can rup short, in a flash be forsook,
But to collect extensive diary, I need nook;
Enough introes and infos for a hundred-first book!

Cognac will drizzle out, tobacco'll fall apart.
But diastolic pressure teeth will knock out of scars...
There should be, at the very least, means to fire a hearth!

You'll have your lesson learned, my unknown friend I've found --
Outline all you have seen, and add it to the caisson; d-
Raw the recalcitration of all that's by and round.

Thought from the Capitol falls the last Apostol
Write down all you remember, including rigmarole
Or were you vainly learning grammar and epistle?

прочтений: 5
раздел: стихи к праздникам
дата публикации: Jul 8, 2018

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